October 4, 2018 TruPath

Hiring in Q4 – Q4 Recruiting Fee Discount

Does hiring slow down in your organization once you reach the fourth quarter (Q4)? If your answer is YES, you’re not alone… However, recruiters will encourage you to speed up as opposed to slow down in Q4. And, the TruPath recruiting team is offering a Q4 recruiting fee discount to put some extra pep in your step!

Hiring in Q4

Hiring in Q4

Why not roll into the new year fully staffed as opposed to critically understaffed? Ok… Ok! Fully staffed may be a stretch that seems almost impossible at times in a thriving marketplace. But, most would agree that moving into a new year with more headcount as opposed to the opposite better sets you up for operational success. Below, we discuss some of the top reasons for slow hiring, explain why Q4 hiring is an excellent idea, and offer a Q4 recruiting discount!

Top 3 Reasons for Slow Hiring in Q4:

  1. Budget constraints – Headcount was not appropriately budgeted for or forecasted headcount was incorrect.
  2. Vacation – Hiring Managers and applicants are traveling or out of office during the holidays creating limited availability.
  3. Applicant pool – Less people are seeking and applying for new roles.

Top 3 Reasons Why Hiring in Q4 is a GREAT Idea:

  1. Some departments have use it or lose it annual budgets. When it comes to hiring, USE IT! Open positions steal an extreme amount of man hours aways from other critical roles. The result is often negative operational and customer impacts.
  2. No matter the time of year, recruiters are measured on “time to fill” a role. This is an important metric when communicating expectations to partners and clients regardless of the time of year. Recruiters don’t slow down in Q4. Their mission of filling open roles does not change at the end of the year.
  3. The passive candidate pool is larger in Q4 as people start to reflect on the New Year. This benefits proactive recruiters tremendously as these candidates are willing to “hear” about a new opportunity. 

TruPath’s Recruiting Fees & Q4 Discount

TruPath is a national recruiting firm that partners with clients across the United States. TruPath recruiters place candidates in a variety of positions across several industries. Below are TruPath’s direct placement recruiting fees:

  • Non-Leadership/Non-technical – 22% Contingent
  • Technical – 25% Contingent
  • Management/Leadership – 28% Contingent
  • VP – C-Suite – 30% Retained

TruPath is offering a Q4 discount to new clients in 2018 on their first search. Below are TruPath’s Q4 discounted fees:

  • Non-Leadership/Non-technical – 20%
  • Technical – 21%
  • Management/Leadership (up to SVP) – 23%
  • Executive (C-suite) – starting at 25%

TruPath’s search firm fees are a rate based on the position’s first year annual salary. Recruiting rates are not based on total compensation making TruPath’s pricing straight forward and transparent. Please reference this Q4 discount when submitting an inquiry below or calling TruPath recruiters at 1-844-TRUPATH (878-7284).

As a trusted recruitment source for more than 15 years, recruiters at TruPath have a customizable process that helps our partners feel comfortable in their search for a candidate.