Is The Holiday Hiring Slowdown a Myth?

November 21, 2016 Lauren Gallagher

Is The Holiday Hiring Slowdown a Myth?

Holiday hiring is notoriously minimal (apart from seasonal positions, of course). Companies hunker down to close the books on the last year and many people are traveling. Clearly, there is no time to evaluate new hires. But is this actually the reality?

It comes down to the current state of a business. If the previous 11 months were strong and you have open spots to fill, the first weeks of December can be a mad dash to hire before Q1 when new initiatives roll in. If the last year was a bit slower, there’s a strong possibility that hiring will freeze until things pick back up.

So it looks like overall this myth is situational. On one hand, there are less job applicants.

Many people on the job hunt halt efforts during the holidays and assume people aren’t hiring. Others are traveling or hosting friends and family, and their mind is elsewhere. As a result, businesses have a smaller pool to pick from.

For those motivated applicants, this actually presents a great opportunity to apply for jobs.  Fewer candidates mean less competition. 

Whether you are looking to hire between Thanksgiving and Christmas, or are on the job search yourself, all hope is not lost. A few additional points to consider:

  • Spring isn’t the only time for college graduations. Many students finish in December. Begin reaching out to this group in early November if you foresee a need for eager, entry-level candidates.
  • Many organizations shut down between Christmas and the New Year. This could open availability for typically unavailable candidates to interview.
  • According to Work It Daily, “The typical hiring cycle for an executive can take weeks, if not months. Employers anticipating the need for new sales leaders, for example, may need to initiate their hiring process by the end of the year to get a new hire onboarded by February.”
  • Hiring managers might be easier to get in touch with. They are likely finishing up end-of-year planning in lieu of traveling for lengthy periods. For those on the job search, don’t feel like your applications will fall on deaf ears over the holidays. Give it a shot, you never know who might be unusually responsive!

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