April 19, 2018 TruPath

How Recruiters Leverage their Networks

Recruiters have large networks – not by accident. Recruiting involves the act of sourcing, screening, assessing, and recommending talent. Because recruiting is an art that revolves around PEOPLE, building relationships are essential.

How Recruiters Leverage their Networks

How Recruiters Leverage their Networks

Let’s start from the beginning. Each Recruiter grows up somewhere. This is where a Recruiter’s network begins. It is full of family and friends. It includes teachers, neighbors and eventually co-workers. This network grows over time with extracurricular activities, career changes, and relocations. Each interaction, conversation, and relationship adds to the extremely complex web of the Recruiter’s network.

How do Recruiters continue to grow their networks?

Before an individual becomes a Recruiter, he/she may not have given a tremendous amount of thought to building a network. This, of course, depends on the individual. After entering the recruiting field, the concept of a network becomes very REAL very FAST. The easiest way a recruiter expands a network is by establishing a positive brand. The fact is, Recruiters speak to dozens of people daily. These are clients, candidates, community partners, vendors, etc. By being positive, helpful, and communicating clearly, a Recruiter leaves each person with a perception. Most individuals want to do business with those that leave lasting, positive impressions. When is the last time you were thrilled to reach out to someone you had a negative interaction with?

What resources help Recruiters expand their networks?

Years ago, recruiting involved “help wanted” signs, paper applications, and in-person interviews. Today, technology has given recruiters an advantage. With the proper resources, a Recruiter becomes a hunter – qualifying and disqualifying individuals to add to the network without those individuals ever knowing. Ex: resources such as LinkedIn allow Recruiters to have visibility to candidates who are actively seeking a new position. Furthermore, they can also view anyone on the LinkedIn platform filtering by skills, education, location, etc. Have you ever wondered how or why a recruiter reached out to you about a position you weren’t looking for? They sought you out based on your profile. And, many recruiters will also ask for a referral. They may ask if you “know” someone who might be a good fit. Now, they are tapping into your network!

Does a network make a Recruiter successful?

The simplest answer is NO. Having a robust network is helpful. Ex: when a Recruiter has an open position, it may be filled quicker if that person has known candidates in mind. Maybe these are candidates that he/she has placed before or industry contacts connected to potential candidates. But, the reality is… this happens less often then you might think. Many times, Recruiters are using their searching expertise to identify and locate candidates. The most successful Recruiters do not post and wait, they research and seek. LinkedIn is mentioned above, but it is not the only resource used search. Recruiters also use internal databases and platforms such as Indeed, Monster, Craig’s List, Facebook, etc. to search for candidates.

Overall, networks make Recruiters stronger linking them potential talent. At the very least, a network is an extension of a Recruiter’s brand. If you are looking for ways to expand and develop your network, consider each person you come into contact with – planned and unplanned. Treat the interaction positively; you never know when that person may come back into your life.

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