How To Attract Millennials To Manufacturing

December 6, 2017 Lauren Gallagher

How To Attract Millennials To Manufacturing

It’s a job seeker’s market and unemployment is at record-breaking lows. While that’s a good thing for people looking for work, it presents challenges for employers. For manufacturers, in particular, that might be coupled with the need to attract millennials to manufacturing.

Luckily, there are ways to market yourself so you’re best poised to bring in top talent. A bit of a digital facelift, innovative career fair tactics and demonstrated growth potential are a few things we’ll touch upon. So, read on to learn more about these and other ways you can better attract millennials to manufacturing.

Provide a clear path to leadership attract milliennials to manufacturing

Millennials want to be leaders. Make sure to advertise ways in which your organization can help them accomplish that. If you don’t have a leadership program, it could be worthwhile to put one in place. According to Forbes, “Millennials will make up 75% of the global workforce by 2025. However, it appears as if the leadership development of Millennials isn’t seen as a priority for organizations”.

If you don’t have a program in place, start creating one. Band a leadership development team together, comprised of senior-level employees and at least one HR representative. Then, start by identifying areas you foresee having talent gaps. Meet with employees currently in leadership roles to get a better scope of the responsibilities required (and gauge how well they’re being accomplished). From there, combine everyone’s efforts to form a streamlined plan. This isn’t an overnight fix, obviously, but it will set a strong trajectory for the future.

Get your brand out there 

Career fairs are a great way to attract talent. They often cater to a younger crowd, and those new to the workforce may find it a helpful way to explore what’s out there. If you’re looking to attract Millennials to manufacturing, think of creative ways to advertise your brand. Lincoln Electric Holdings, out of Cleveland, upped the ante by using virtual reality. Their simulation allowed career fair attendees to test their welding skills, right on the conference floor. This was a huge hit and attracted thousands of potential employees to their booth. It was also used at boy scout functions and robot building competitions. By having the results evaluated, recruiters were able to determine the most highly skilled candidates.

That said, you don’t need to rush to create a virtual reality system just yet. Just think of ways to set your company apart, and put it out there. Even if it’s just explaining how your business has modernized. This is also a great opportunity to bring up your leadership plan. In addition to career fairs, Manufacturing Day and local university events can be great venues to get involved with. The more you’re talking to potential candidates, the more you’ll learn about what’s interesting to them. Ask a lot of questions – the results may be invaluable.

attract millennials to manufacturingRe-vamp your digital presence

How updated is your website? This is the first place someone is likely to check when learning about your business. A first impression, in this case, can really go a long way. Is it outdated? Investing in a site makeover could be a driving force in bringing in more candidates. If you’re able, add video as well. Some websites open with a video, others place it on the About page or elsewhere. The goal is to give candidates a glimpse into what makes your company unique and your culture special.

Alliance Technical Solutions adds, “Show how your products and services benefit the public. Millennials care about the big picture and many desire a career path where they can make a difference. Use your online presence to demonstrate your innovation and impact on society.” And, don’t forget to utilize social media too. These are prime areas to showcase the side of your business that you might not advertise on your website.

Update your management style

It isn’t always easy to change how we interact with others at work, but some simple changes in management style can go far when it comes to Millennials. This generation thrives on feedback. Yearly performance reviews and long paperwork assessments are not going to retain younger employees. Try to offer feedback, both praise, and constructive criticism, on an ongoing basis. Annual reviews are perfectly fine to maintain, as long as there is continual feedback throughout the year. There are a number of online tools that make everything from performance management to succession planning a continued, interactive process.

Hopefully, these topics gave you some places to start when thinking about how to attract Millennials to manufacturing. If you’re looking to find culturally aligned talent, TruPath has over 15 years experience in high volume and senior level placements within the manufacturing industry.

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