How to Elevate Your Employer Brand in the New Normal

June 26, 2020
June 26, 2020 Lauren

How to Elevate Your Employer Brand in the New Normal

As we continue to learn more about the new normal during the COVID-19 pandemic, many employers are looking to refresh their brand to stay relevant.

While some may choose to completely rebrand, others may look to improve upon what they currently have.

We asked eight thought leaders for their suggestions about how to elevate an employer brand in the new normal.

Their answers may inspire you.


First Impressions Matter

Expanding your presence on social media is a great way to elevate your brand in the new normal. If your pages aren’t up-to-date or do not have a clean look, now is the time to change that. Potential customers are flocking to Facebook and Instagram to see if a brand is worth engaging with and first impressions matter. In posts, be sure to use hashtags that relate to your business and the area you live in. Having a clean page that is easy to navigate will draw attraction and make it easy for customers to frequent your brand and services.

Ryan Nouis, TruPath


Keep Marketing Efforts Full Force

Many organizations tend to pull back when the economy takes a hit. You do not want to pull back on your efforts when your competitors go full force and take market share away from you. Keep being proactive with outreach but also listen to your customers. Have empathy and show you understand what is going on in their world and the world around you

Larry Drago, Independent Marketing Consultant


Allow Employees the Option to Return to Work

We are giving everyone an option – to work remotely or from the office for as long as they want. We understand that not everyone feels safe enough to go back to the office, which is why we let them choose their preferred location for work. Moreover, brands that care about the mental health of their employees will come out on top. Those favoring flexible work hours and providing options for mental health support will come out as employer branding winners.

Dennis Vu, Ringblaze


Treat Employees Like Real Humans

Genuine empathy and flexibility need to be apparent in all employer actions. I foresee successful organizations allowing unlimited remote work, flex schedules, and PTO. More comprehensive health and wellness benefits will be standard. Employees will be encouraged to share personal experiences in the workplace and offer support to colleagues in need. Companies who don’t prioritize these things will fall behind as qualified candidates opt-out of a poor work environment.

Gabi Donchez, Associate Director of Marketing


Quality, Authenticity and Leadership

Going forward, brands will form deeper connections with customers by focusing on quality, authenticity, and thought leadership. The societal pendulum is swinging back towards “needs” vs. “wants,” so successful marketing campaigns will serve to align brands with this ethos. Prioritize quality by listening to the voice of the customer, curating products & services, and pricing for fair value. Demonstrate authenticity by communicating with full transparency, and backing up the messaging with action. Practice thought leadership by thinking about how your brand can evolve and improve into the future, instead of just maintaining the status quo.

Luke Grant, JLG Group


Step up Your Work Benefits and Company Culture

With people looking for jobs fast, brands should streamline and boost their recruitment to bring in the best remote talent out there before other companies snap them up. In an environment where applicants are increasingly aware of their value and employability, companies need to step up their work benefits game and company culture. Being honest, open and direct about your recruiting process and company life will attract more candidates. High caliber candidates reflect well on your business as customers become more aware that you have superstars working for you.

Ethan Taub, Loanry


Discover the New Normal Is Within Your Company

Chances are the new normal is increased communication and increased work flexibility while staying productive. Your employer branding assets should reflect these changes in the workplace. I would suggest capturing moments of collaboration by snapping a few shots of productive virtual team meetings. Talk about these meetings, talk about how productive they are and highlight key wins or project developments that happened. We recently launched a blog series that highlighted employees’ experiences working throughout this time period which was great for engagement on our social channels.

Chris Fitzner, Appian


Good Ole’ Fashion Outreach

During these unpredictable times, it can be beneficial to identify potential clients in your surrounding area who you think would benefit from your services and just give them a call. Tell them that you see their work and really like what they do as a company. It never hurts to just put your name out there and sometimes a good old-fashioned phone call will do the trick. It shows potential clients sincerity and authenticity. 

Brett Farmiloe, SEO Company

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