How To Hire Passive Candidates: Top 4 Tips

July 25, 2017
July 25, 2017 TruPath

How To Hire Passive Candidates: Top 4 Tips

The best employees are oftentimes the ones who aren’t actively looking for a new job. Called passive candidates, they make up approximately 75 percent of the workforce. People often search for jobs while they already have a position, but don’t apply elsewhere because of sub par job descriptions. The following tips for how to hire passive candidates will help boost your recruiting efforts.

How To Hire Passive Candidates

Write Meaningful Job Descriptions

People seeking a change in pace or environment at their workplace may not apply to jobs with lazily-written postings full of mundane “skill” and “experience” requirements. They may be looking for something more exciting, that guarantees them a new learning and work experience.

Instead of listing the skillset and experience requirements, perhaps try describing your ideal candidate for the position. Tell what kind of person you’re looking for. This may include personality traits, work habits, leadership skills, etc., instead of talking about degrees and previous work credentials. Mention fun things you do at the office to promote company morale. Essentially, sell your culture to entice top tier candidates looking for an extraordinary organization.

Individualize Personal Messages

If you are reaching out to potential candidates through sites like LinkedIn, try to personalize your message. People don’t want to respond to what’s obviously a generic blast. Take a look at the potential candidate’s profile, and mention something from their previous work history, such as, “I see you graduated from XYZ University”. Engage in a conversation. Get to know where they’re coming from, and what they want out of their career.

Mention Mobility

Many potential candidates don’t apply to certain positions because they don’t see it as moving forward. If you frame the job as a step up from their current role, whether mentioning a more positive company culture, or more autonomy and decisions with their work, people will feel more inclined to apply. A huge takeaway for how to hire passive candidates? Employees often won’t leave a current role unless there is some kind of future advancement. Thus, framing your new position as such will implore them to apply.

Collaborate With The Hiring Manager

It’s important that hiring managers are included and kept up-to-date throughout the passive candidate search. They’ll be able to decide if you’re making the correct decisions regarding the talent pool you’re considering contacting, and make the overall process that more efficient.

Utilize these tips to draw the attention of passive candidates. Interest them with perks of your company, and highlight the idea of moving forward — not remaining stagnant. With these ideas, you’re almost guaranteed to attract your ideal passive candidate.

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