How to Set Your Hiring Managers up for Success

August 14, 2019
August 14, 2019 TruPath

How to Set Your Hiring Managers up for Success

Hiring managers are critical to the hiring process for obvious reasons. Not to mention, they often make the final decision to bring a candidate onboard. 

Have you ever been in a situation where a stellar candidate is turned down by your hiring manager? Or perhaps, the hiring manager’s expectations seem to have shifted? Don’t worry! You aren’t alone.

How to Set Your Hiring Managers up for Success

So, what do you do? Setting your hiring manager(s) up for success is all about communication. And, we mean constant communication. Remember, a hiring manager is juggling many different tasks. Interviewing is just one of those tasks. In addition, your hiring manager most likely isn’t sourcing for their talent. So, he/she doesn’t see the recruiting hours spent sourcing, screening, and interviewing talent.

Before Launching the Search:

1. Connect with your hiring manager before the search launches to discuss hard and soft skill requirements for the role. Discuss must-haves and nice-to-haves.

2. Discuss the process for recruiting, submitting, and interviewing. Collaborate on the process to ensure buy-in by all parties. What steps can you add or remove to make it easier or more efficient? 

3. Set expectations for feedback and explain why prompt responses are important for moving forward. Prompt feedback is critical for not only filling the role but delivering a positive candidate experience.

After the First Few Submittals:

4. Collect feedback and questions from candidates to share with your hiring manager. Group these into themes for potential adjustments or clarifications.

5. Check in with your hiring manager to get their thoughts on the talent being submitted and the overall process. Make tweaks where needed. Provide your feedback as well; this is a partnership.

After the Position is Filled:

6. Review your recruiting numbers. How many candidates did you source, screen, interview, etc. to get the hire you needed for your hiring manager? How long did it take you to fill the role?

7. Review your time-to-fill with your hiring manager. Discuss wins and opportunities for this role and provide suggestions for future roles and your continued partnership.

We hope these tips help you set your hiring manager(s) up for success. It is our experience that this only helps recruiters be more strategic and efficient.

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