May 3, 2018 TruPath

How to Write Job Postings that Attract Talent: TruPath’s Top 5 Tips

Have you read any job postings lately? If you aren’t currently looking for a new role and don’t hold a position in human resources, then probably not. Well, you aren’t missing out! In general, job postings are quite boring. Seems a bit odd when they’re designed to attract talent…

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TruPath’s Top 5 Tips for Writing Job Postings to Attract Talent:

1. Align with Hiring Managers

Somewhere along the lines, job descriptions became a bottleneck in the hiring process. They have become pain points and afterthoughts. They should be neither! Often, employers have identified a need to hire, and one of two things happens.

1. An outdated job description is pulled out of the archives, dusted off, tweaked, and published.

2. A job description has not been created or needs to be updated and goes through a long process of being assigned, written, re-written, critiqued, and approved.

What is most important is to start with your hiring managers. Too often, recruiters and hiring managers are not aligned. Recruiters are searching for and screening talent daily. The more aligned they are with their hiring managers, the more efficient they become. As a result, hiring managers will see fewer candidates and more hires. If hiring managers aren’t sure what they’re looking for, start by assessing current top talent. What qualities and skills do those employees possess?

2. Write to the Ideal Candidate

When you pick up a book to read, it usually speaks to your interests or aligns with your goals. Job postings are no different. Think about your ideal candidates and write to them. And, you aren’t simply posting a job description. A job description is an internal resource for a role. A job posting externally attracts talent to that role.

For example, TruPath is a boutique recruiting firm. Our ideal recruiter candidate wants to work with a small, flexible organization. We have a tight-knit family environment and have the ability to change fast. We don’t niche in one industry, so our recruiters have the freedom and support to work on a variety of roles across several industries. Because partner relationships are of utmost importance to us, our ideal candidate has strong communication skills and enjoys multi-tasking, focusing on several different clients.

When writing a recruiter job posting, we appeal to the candidate who wants to work in an agile work environment without the constraints large firms may have. We appeal to someone who wants to make a big impact as opposed to someone who wants an entry-level role at a major corporation. And, we appeal to those that feel comfortable communicating to partners at a variety of different levels.

3. Eliminate the Noise

Oftentimes, job postings have too many words. And, your marketing attempt may fall victim to the “scan.” Be concise! Candidates want to learn about the role (position) and company (culture). They also want to understand the requirements (skills and experience) and benefits (perks). This does not have to be all-encompassing. Don’t overwhelm your candidates with too much information. Leave them craving more!

By no means should you discredit the importance of disclaimers and affirmative action/equal employment opportunity statements. SHRM offers several resources to aid in the development of job descriptions and postings. Ensure that your job postings are approved before being posted. Once published, they become part of your brand.

Speaking of brand, it’s astounding how many job postings include misspellings and lack formatting. Slow down. Proofread. And, update often.

4. Sell the Position Transparently

Job postings are meant to attract talent. Marketing and sales strategies should not be ignored. Don’t be afraid to take partners in these departments.

What makes your company special? Why should candidates consider you over your competitors? Maybe you are selling your company’s well-known brand. Maybe you are attracting talent to your culture of flexibility. 

Regardless of what features you are choosing to promote, do it with integrity. Don’t focus on advancement if your organization does not value development or promote from within. Don’t promote family environment if your employees get lost in the shuffle. Avoid promoting an immediate need if your hiring process takes months to complete. Be transparent! The recruitment process is an introduction to your organization’s culture; recruiters hold a BIG responsibility!

5. Give Easy Next Steps

When is the last time you walked through the steps of your application process? If your answer is “when I applied,” go back and do it again! How much time has passed from then to now?! Applicants have short attention spans. They read through a job posting and quickly decide if the role is one they want to apply for. Avoid, making them click on several additional links. Simplicity is KEY! Can they apply right from the posting?

Additionally, make contacts clear. Do you have the recruiter or talent acquisition manager listed by the job posting? It’s ok to be transparent about who is collecting this information. Do you have an email listed for additional questions? Wouldn’t you rather answer a question to decrease the amount unqualified resumes you wade through? Not to mention, it improves the candidate experience.

We hope some of these tips help you as you are writing or posting your job descriptions. Have additional tips to share? We would love to hear them!

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