How To Keep Call Center Employees Motivated

October 2, 2017
October 2, 2017 TruPath

How To Keep Call Center Employees Motivated

If you’re managing call center employees, remind yourself that they have stressful jobs and several deliverables to meet. As a manager, you want to support them as best you can and boost their productivity and morale, ensuring they’re helpful, positive, and providing excellent customer service. Keep reading for tips about how to keep call center employees motivated.

How To Keep Call Center Employees Motivated

Create A Positive Environment

If you create a warm, friendly, comfortable environment for your call center employees, it will help to offset some of the stress of their work and keep them motivated to perform. This includes promoting inclusivity and openness, as well as providing other treats and benefits in the office where you can.

Talk To Them & Ask For Feedback

Encourage your employees to openly and honestly share their feedback with you. This can lead to positivity and motivation for both parties. Listen to your team about what they think they need to improve and do your best to listen and accommodate their suggestions. Implementing measures your team suggests could potentially lead to long-term improvements, as well as boost your manager-employee relationship by demonstrating trust and flexibility. These are key aspects of how to keep call center employees motivated.

Recognize & Reward Success

Applaud your employees for their successes and accomplishments. It’s sure to promote positivity in the office, and in turn, bolster performance as well as morale. Creating a structured system of recognizing good performance that any employee can aspire towards is hugely beneficial. However, if you need to redirect any given employee or discuss why their performance isn’t up-to-snuff, do so in private. Publicly praising but privately criticizing (constructively, of course) is a graceful way to avoid hostility in the office and keep everyone on their toes.

Equip Them Appropriately

Your call center agents can work most efficiently and successfully when they have the best tools at their fingertips. Beyond call center software, provide your employees with the best headsets, computers, and Internet connections. It can help offset stress they may experience and contribute to an excellent performance overall. Ensuring your employees are equipped with the best tools possible helps them stay on top of their game.

Training & Updates

Beyond introductory new team member training, conduct regular and updated training sessions. It shows employees you respect what they do and value their ongoing growth and contributions to your company. Refresher courses can keep longer-tenured agents from feeling like the company has forgotten them. It also gives them a chance to sharpen their skills and share ideas that could be helpful across the call center, helping to both maintain old skills and acquire new ones.

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