Meet Beth Suchocki!

July 27, 2017
July 27, 2017 Lauren Gallagher

Meet Beth Suchocki!

Beth joined TruPath in 2016 as an Associate Recruiter and has since made her mark as a successful Recruiter. Currently going for her MBA, Beth embodies a Growth & Learning Mindset. Read on to learn a little bit more about her, and why she chose TruPath as the next step in her career!

Meet Beth Suchocki! 

Nickname: Bethannski or Suchockimba

Hometown: Newark, Delaware

How did you find out about TruPath? I found TruPath from a post on Linkedin for the Associate Recruiter position.

Favorite thing about what I do? Being able to place great people in a job that they love. Knowing that I’m making a difference in someone’s life is an awesome feeling.

I enjoy working at TruPath because? I enjoy the family team atmosphere. Coming to work every day and being able to laugh with everyone is something special. No matter what happens during the day I know that somehow I will always leave the office with a smile on my face and can’t wait to come back to work  the next day

The TruPrinciple that speaks to me the most? Growth and learning mindset is the principle that speaks to me the most. I believe that everyone should strive to learn something new each day. It’s also great to know that our team is supportive of me going back to school to get my MBA. My program is a big time commitment and it’s great to know our company supports me in continuing my education.  

What advice do you have for an aspiring Recruiter? My biggest piece of advice for someone wanting to be a recruiter is being able to listen, and ask questions. And don’t be afraid to ask the obvious questions! I am constantly asking questions and getting things clarified. Being able to listen and ask for clarity helps figure out potential problems and helps you narrow down searches faster instead of wasting your time.

The most challenging part of my role is? Balance- It’s hard to find a balance sometimes when there are a lot of different projects going on. Being able to multi-task and refocus is a must have in this role!

One thing people don’t know about me? I’m shy and a quiet nerd. Lord of the Rings is one of my favorite movie series- I’ve watched all of them in order- in extended versions, and with the cast commentary. I also know very basic Russian.

My first vehicle was? 1999 Ford Escort named Alice.

My happy place: The Beach! I miss living on the east coast.

Above all others, this person inspires me the most? My dad!

My favorite food is? Polish Food! Especially pierogi, golumpki, and borscht.

Why is TruPath special or how are we different? TruPath is special because we each bring something unique to our team. We have recruiters with prior experience in the industry, and then we have recruiters without any. Being able to have a team with a variety of backgrounds and experience is a huge advantage for us. Either way, people who are successful here just jump in and learn.