April 14, 2017 Megan McQuade

Meet TruPath’s Founder and CEO, Ryan Nouis

Meet TruPath’s Founder and CEO

Ryan Nouis is the Founder and CEO of TruPath. His vision and leadership recently brought TruPath into its 16th year! Ryan has been in the recruiting industry for 20+ years. Unlike some entrepreneurs, Ryan didn’t dream of owning his own business. Instead, he identified a need within the industry. When presented with an opportunity, he quickly grabbed it to execute staffing “his way.”

Who is Ryan Nouis?

We will get to the business scoop, but let’s learn more about what makes Ryan tick.

Hometown: Coon Rapids, MN.  

First vehicle: ‘82 Ford Mustang

Ryan’s happy place… In the mountains with my family! 

Favorite food: Pizza!!

Biggest inspiration: My father. This man came from nothing to not only supporting a family, but providing an environment that fostered education above all else.  

One thing people don’t know about you? I play Plants Vs Zombies to unwind and relax.

The most challenging part of your role? Turning it off. I have a very difficult time turning my thoughts away from the company to focus on what’s in front of me.  

Ryan Nouis on TruPath

It is always inspirational to pick an entrepreneurial mind. Ryan is above all else honest. TruPath has a set of values called TruPrinciples: trust, client advocacy, integrity in communication, growth and learning mindset, and positive team environment. When talking to Ryan, these principles come to life in a very real way.

As far as agencies are concerned, why is TruPath special? We are not in this for market share. We exist to provide a superior experience for our client partners at competitive pricing. 

What TruPrinciple speaks to you the most? Integrity in communication is so important. We live it every day. We put everything on the table and let the chips fall where they may.  

Why do you enjoy working at TruPath? I get to work with a passionate team that works together for the greater good. There are no egos, and it is so refreshing.

What advice do you have for an aspiring CEO? Do not take shortcuts. Taking that path only leads to frustration and failure. Doing it the right way may take longer, but I guarantee you’ll outlast the individual looking for a quick buck.