Ok Candidates! You’re up!

June 27, 2019 TruPath

Ok Candidates! You’re up!

We debated on whether or not this topic is appropriate to blog about. Ultimately, we decided that if recruiters talk about it internally, we should be able to share it publicly. Our hope is that it helps you think about recruiting firms and staffing agencies in a different way. Specifically, as partners, as opposed to vendors.

As a Recruiting Firm, we often get requests for talent. These requests come from companies across all industries for positions at a variety of different levels. 

Ok Candidates! You’re up!

Staffing, like many other industries, has become very relationship-centric. What do I mean? The better the relationship between the recruiting firm and the client, the more likely the position will be filled with the “right” candidate. Part of the recruiting process on the recruiting firm’s end is getting to know a client and their specific wants and need(s) prior to agreeing to enter into a business relationship. Some may be wondering why this is important…. Doesn’t someone come to you when they need to add to their team? And then, don’t you provide the people?

The easiest way to answer those questions is YES to Question #1 and NO to Question #2.

Let’s see what you’ve got!

Inquiries come to staffing agencies ALL THE TIME. Especially, in today’s market. It seems as though every company is searching for talent. So, YES. Hiring managers come to staffing agencies when they need help finding qualified candidates. Often, they’re trying to find the talent themselves, but aren’t having success.

So, why do we answer NO to the question about immediately providing these people? We go back to the title of this blog…. Ok Candidates! You’re up!

Ex: A hypothetical company says, “We need a Manufacturing Director, send us your qualified candidates.” Our answer is, “We don’t have Manufacturing Director candidates to send you until we understand more about your company and expectations for this role.” 

Side note: Recruiting firms don’t accept every request for talent just as companies choose which firm they feel most comfortable working with. A partnership is a two-way street.

So, you don’t have candidates ready and waiting?

Here’s where we chat internally…. We don’t keep candidates ready for an at-bat, awaiting any company’s request for review.

In today’s market, qualified candidates aren’t waiting around. They aren’t hanging out in the dugout waiting for their chance to shine. They are currently working for someone else (passive candidates). Not to mention, waiting to be seen isn’t how recruiting works. Sure, recruiters have vast networks of people. And, most likely, they have some individuals in mind when a request comes through. BUT. This is a BIG BUT. Every company is different. Each culture is different. Every job description is different. Leadership styles are different. Company stages are different. Onboarding expectations are different. Experience requirements are different.

You have to slow down to speed up!

So, until a recruiting firm gets to know a company, how can that firm possibly have the “right” candidates to send? Often, by the time hiring managers reach out to recruiting firms, the need for talent is great. The answer to, “When would you like this person to start?” is often “yesterday” or “as soon as possible.” Occasionally, it’s planning for months down the road. Regardless of how great the need is, the best advice is to SLOW DOWN. If you’re currently looking for a recruiting firm, we challenge you to look for a partner. Consider your staffing partner an extension of your team, and provide them with as much information as possible. Their success is your success!

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