Onboarding Tips For Managers: Helping New Hires

September 25, 2017
September 25, 2017 TruPath

Onboarding Tips For Managers: Helping New Hires

There’s more than just paperwork between the interview process and employment. How well does your organization approach onboarding for new hires? The following onboarding tips for managers will make your new employees feel welcome and prepared for their time at your company.

Onboarding Tips For Managers: Helping New Hires

 Institute A “Pre-Boarding” Process

Send an email to the new employee a few days before they start to ask if they have any questions, concerns or comments. Remember to express how excited you are about this person starting!

Also, put together a list of documents and helpful company info. The new employee can then have an org chart, business initiatives, a recent sales presentation, etc. This, in turn, can help them get up to speed at their own pace and save your team from digging info up from old email chains.

As the hiring manager, it’s crucial to have these items organized in advance. Good news — you can reuse it for future hires, as long as you keep it up-to-date.

The pre-boarding process keeps the new employee excited about their new job. If you go radio silent after presenting the job offer, you run the risk of making a new employee feel ignored or neglected. This helpful process also allows you to have new employees fill out the necessary paperwork before their first day, making things less dull or stressful the first actual day on the job.

Make Them Feel Welcomed & Oriented

When the new hire’s orientation session is done with HR, you might run your own quick orientation to get the new hire engaged in team dynamics, communication styles, workload, and whatever else they may not think to ask about.

Managers should do these things on a new employee’s first day:

  • Greet them at the door or at the front desk in person.
  • Introduce them to their coworkers, clearly explaining each person’s role.
  • Provide a bathroom key & show the new hire where it’s located.
  • Take them out to lunch.
  • Make sure their technology & communication equipment is set up as well as personalized.

Use their first 90 days to execute a great onboarding process. That way, you can start off on the right foot with the following things:

Recognition. Managers must make “thank you” & “nice job” part of their usual vocabulary. Also, they should explain to new employees why their work is so important to the company’s mission and purpose.

Career development. Meet with the new hire to discuss their career goals. Say, “Where do you want to be in six months and how can I help?” Then, new employees will know right away that their manager is there to support them.

Healthy manager/employee relationship. It’s often true that people don’t leave companies, they leave managers. So, managers must show employees that they have an interest in them as humans, not only as employees. Keep all communication channels open by asking for frequent feedback. Make the workplace a fun place, too. We forget to laugh and have a good time when at our desk. Whether it’s playing a fun game or getting ice cream together, it’s important that new hires both learn and have a good time.

What other onboarding tips for managers would you add? Let us know — and contact TruPath for any hiring help you need.

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