June 9, 2016 TruPath

The Power Of Gratitude In The Workplace

the power of gratitudeExpressing gratitude at work isn’t always as common as, say, at home, with friends, at a place of worship or from the kindness of strangers. But with such a sizable portion of our lives being spent in the workplace, the power of gratitude encompasses being grateful and communicating it—which should become a well-engrained aspect of every company’s culture.

Communication is paramount.

When it comes to the power of gratitude, being able to express the sincerity of your thankfulness in a straightforward way helps everyone involved: the giver and the receiver of the appreciation. It’s also a good business practice. Don’t wait to express thankfulness for a job well done. Decide whether a thank-you note or a simple stop by someone’s desk will suffice to express your appreciation.

Try to implement your practice of expressing gratitude on a daily basis.

Whether it means taking a coworker out to lunch to celebrate a birthday or work anniversary, or even thanking a fellow team member for watering your plant while you were out of the office—there are large and small ways to keep the power of gratitude alive in the workplace.

Ask for help to cultivate a culture of gratitude.

Respect, appreciation and teamwork will circulate in the office if you consult coworkers. Designing an infographic for a big project? Ask around for opinions. The reciprocity of feeling appreciated and expressing appreciation in the workplace fosters the power of gratitude.

Having a culture of gratitude at work translates into employee happiness. As a boss or supervisor, thanking employees for their hard work resonates even more coming from the top tier. Hearing a heartfelt “thank you” is an excellent motivator to produce great work, so productivity and a general sense of workplace satisfaction go hand in hand by the power of gratitude.

Phrase any changes you want to make in an appreciative way.

For instance, “Hey, Jim, I really appreciate you working on that presentation. I just have a few quick suggestions and tweaks, but you have done a fantastic job overall.”

Personal gratitude journals have been shown to boost happiness, so morphing that idea into a shared space can help improve attitudes at work and promote a healthy company culture. Consider keeping an office bulletin board where employees can stick a note of what they’re grateful for. Even on the most stressful days at the office, a negative situation can be spun into a positive one—perhaps as a learning experience, an opportunity for better teamwork skills or a sign that there’s room for improvement within the company as a whole during tough circumstances.

Quality trumps quantity—as with anything, too much of one concept isn’t always beneficial. If you express more gratitude than is necessary, it may grow to sound insincere and overshadow your true expressions of thankfulness.

The power of gratitude lies within the idea that it improves individual mindsets, boosts the entire team’s outlook and ultimately delivers a new level of workplace productivity—so for best results, make each day “Bring Your Gratitude to Work Day.”


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