9 Essential Process Engineer Interview Questions

July 26, 2021
July 26, 2021 Lauren

9 Essential Process Engineer Interview Questions

Vetting process engineer candidates can be quite a challenge with so many professionals interested in the field. However, by hiring an experienced recruiting service, you’ll have the chance to focus on each interview without the added stress of assessing every resume and cover letter that lands on your desk. Begin preparing for this process by curating a list of process engineer interview questions, starting with the ones outlined below.

9 Essential Process Engineer Interview Questions

General Questions

Gain a better sense of who your candidate is with these general process engineer interview questions.

How would a previous employer describe you?

This process engineer interview question provides your candidate the opportunity to discuss their strengths, share a bit into their professional personality, and speak on their previous experience. You’ll also be able to see the type of professional relationships the candidate has built along their career path.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

With this answer, you’ll be able to understand if the candidate’s career expectations match the opportunities your company can offer and if the candidate intends to stay with your company long term. Additionally, you’ll gain a sense of whether the candidate has career ambitions and is genuinely interested in growing with your company.

Behavioral Questions

Behavioral questions give insight into whether the candidate will fit with your company’s work environment. A candidate’s answers can clue you into their typical work process and if they are compatible with your company.

How do you prioritize your work?

In the process engineering field, priorities may need to change quickly. As issues and obstacles arise, your candidate should be able to adjust priorities as needed while still maintaining previously set deadlines. Your candidate should express this ability in their answer, showcasing how they manage a hefty workload to meet company needs.

Have you ever faced challenges in a teamwork setting? How did you overcome them?

In many work settings, teamwork is the default environment. Process engineers tend to work in teams to design, implement, or correct company production processes. Knowing how to overcome an obstacle such as teamwork difficulties can be a beneficial tool in efficiently getting work done.

Background Questions

This form of process engineer interview questions lets you know whether the candidate meets the qualifications listed in the job board posting. Though the general requirements will be vetted through your recruiting service before the interview, any additional qualifications you have can be discovered with background questions.

Explain a time you had to problem-solve quickly.

Whether the equipment stops running smoothly or a process needs to be quickly revamped, a qualified candidate should know how to problem solve efficiently and offer a solution on a tight deadline. Having your candidate provide a specific example can give insight into whether they are capable of thinking fast on their feet when needed.

What skills do you possess that make you a qualified candidate?

Every candidate brings unique skills and experience to the table. By asking this process engineer interview question, you’ll be able to see where the candidate aligns with the needs of your company and the specific role. A qualified candidate will be able to express why they feel they are a good fit for the position and how they can contribute to the growth of your company.

Technical Questions

Before offering a candidate the role, you’ll want to ensure that they know how to use the software and equipment needed for the job. Technical questions assess the candidate’s knowledge of their chosen profession.

What major processing systems are you familiar with?

This is the first step in understanding specific skills. It will give you an idea of what systems your candidate already has experience with and where the learning curve would lie should you offer them the position. You can also use this question as an opportunity to investigate their previous experience further.

What information do you feel is vital for designing new processes?

Use this question as a way to understand the candidate’s current knowledge and what they could add to your company to improve the processes your company actively uses. You’ll learn the experience they have and what value they bring to the team in terms of innovative ideas.

How would you go about troubleshooting an existing process?

The final question ties back to the idea of quick problem-solving. Not only should your candidate be able to identify and address issues in existing processes, but they should be able to efficiently troubleshoot and offer a solution.

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