October 11, 2016 TruPath

Questions To Ask When Hiring A Staffing Agency

hiring a staffing agency

When you’re in need of a staffing agency to meet your hiring needs, you will want to ensure it’s the right agency. These questions will propel you toward finding the right staffing company—and subsequently finding the right hires. Follow this guide when hiring a staffing agency.

Questions To Ask When Hiring A Staffing Agency

What are your expectations of me in this partnership?

An effective partnership with a staffing agency will fail to happen without an investment of your time and efforts as well. Trust is an important value to find within a staffing agency—so partner with an agency that you trust will really learn about your business and company culture. A partnership’s success is found in appreciating everyone involved—clients, role candidates, and the staffing agency you hire. Through this commitment and trust, hiring a staffing agency and growing your team can lead to bigger successes in your company. Remember to inquire about expectations the agency has for your part.

What expertise do you have with recruiting in my industry?

When hiring a staffing agency, aligning your needs with the expertise of the agency is crucial. Make sure this is a staffing company that has a thorough understanding of your particular industry’s challenges. If you want to take this a step further, request at least three client references within your market.

How do you determine if a candidate is right for my business?

When hiring a staffing agency, this question gives you the opportunity to discover if the staffing agency has actually researched your company and industry background. It can also help you determine if the agency is indeed familiar with your industry challenges in recruiting new candidates.

How do you measure your client satisfaction and what is your most recent satisfaction score?

One of the most telltale indicators of future performance lies within past performance. When hiring a staffing agency to drive your business forward, request their most recent client satisfaction score as well as how they size up to their competitors.

What’s your personal sourcing philosophy for discovering the best candidates?

Every staffing company has unique methods for sourcing candidates. Some utilize more traditional methods, while others use more modern approaches. Some blend the two methods. Considering this, evaluate if this is indeed a solid match for how you have found great candidates in the past.

What additional services do you offer (background checks, payroll & benefits, skills testing, etc.)?

Staffing agencies not only help recruit new employees—they also can offer many HR services to help your company. These might include payroll and benefit support, employee assessments, onboarding services and background screens of new employees. Before hiring a staffing agency, see what services you might benefit from.

Do you expect your agency’s rates to fall higher, lower, or generally the same as other agencies we might consider?

Don’t simply enlist the staffing agency offering the lowest price point for their services. Weigh both value and cost before making a decision. It could cost you damage control down the road if you make the wrong choice. However, you should also inquire as to why a price is higher than competitor prices.

When hiring a staffing agency, TruPath is a trusted staffing source that will help you place the right candidates to the right roles. Do you have any other questions to ask when hiring a staffing agency? Let us know!

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