Reasons Employees Love Their Jobs

February 9, 2020 TruPath

Reasons Employees Love Their Jobs

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, many people are thinking about love. While TruPath won’t be able to get you a date, we do love to connect talented employees with jobs they love. Below are some top reasons employees love their jobs.

Reasons Employees Love Their Jobs

Great colleagues and culture:

For many people work takes up a greater portion of time than any other activity. Spending that time with great people will make it time well spent. Employees who love their jobs have a sense of belonging and community in the workplace.

Growth and development:

One of the most common reasons for leaving an employer is not having enough of a challenge and having no room to grow. People spend their entire lives learning, don’t like to be bored, and are often future-thinking. A company that provides new challenges and offers room for growth will see increased retention.


It’s a good feeling when work contributes to something greater than oneself. Whether it’s innovating a new technology, helping others, or contributing to facility safety, working with a purpose can make even the worst part of a job meaningful.


Nobody enjoys being micromanaged. When employees are given autonomy to do their jobs, they will feel a sense of ownership and investment in their work.

Alignment with skills:

When people can play to their strengths, they thrive. Alternatively, when a job requires skills an employee doesn’t have and support in learning that skill isn’t provided, the challenge can morph into a frustration.

Pay and benefits:

Pay and benefits are often not the top priority of someone who loves their job. However, having stability, good health, and positive experiences outside of work will allow employees to come to work with their best foot forward.

What do you love about your job?

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