Top 5 Distribution Recruiters & Executive Search Firms

April 21, 2021
April 21, 2021 Lauren

Top 5 Distribution Recruiters & Executive Search Firms

In a fast-paced yet tight job market, the ability to hire the right candidates to fill specific roles within a certain time frame is crucial. The process of finding the most qualified individuals can take time, a resource that many company owners and managers simply cannot sacrifice in place of developing growth strategies. Given the situation, the value that executive search and distribution recruitment agencies bring to the table is priceless.

Recruitment and staffing firms use several methods to find the ideal persons to fill vacancies. This can start with coordinating with companies to craft job descriptions and send out hiring announcements, and then end with the actual talent turnover after standard employment requirements are fulfilled. The process can also skew depending on whether the hire is for C-level positions or entry-level or industrial roles.

Regardless of the hows, what is clear is this: staffing and recruitment agencies take care of the nitty-gritties of the hiring process so you can focus on your company’s growth. To help you get started on finding the right people for your business, we’ve identified the top five distribution recruiters and executive search firms in the United States.

Top Distribution Recruiters and Executive Search Firms in the US

TruPath Search

What makes TruPath Search stand out from the majority of the hiring companies in the country is that we can do both executive search and distribution recruiting. Most companies conduct hires for one or the other, so if you’re looking to find people for all levels in your firm, TruPath will make a great partner. Our recruitment and direct placement services cover non-leadership/non-technical, technical, management/leadership, and VP to C-suite positions across a wide range of industries.

The company is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, but we provide recruitment and staffing services for employers across the United States. Our combined experience of 18 years enables us to maintain a solid track record. TruPath has filled critical leadership roles in small to large firms and placed more than 150,000 people for direct-hire requirements.

We take pride in our individual, hands-on, and collaborative approach with clients, focusing on understanding an organization’s needs, identifying recruiting challenges, and providing the best solutions that lead to positive results.

For client and business inquiries, you may connect with our Business Development team or call us at 1-844-TRUPATH (878-7284).

Location: 3241 E Shea Blvd #493, Phoenix, AZ 85028


Spherion’s workforce solutions run across different industries and cover temp-to-hire, flexible staffing, and direct-hire placement. It also offers workforce management services that include on-premise support (acting as an extension of your HR team) and managed staffing (handling the technology and administrative functions of your hiring process).

Spherion has been in the recruitment and staffing business for 75 years and operates out of independently-owned franchise offices in 39 states. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

Visit its website to see if there’s a franchise office in your area or call 888-218-4417 for inquiries.

Scope Recruiting

Alabama-based Scope Recruiting specializes in the permanent placement of operations and supply chain professionals across the US. The industries it has worked with include consumer goods, fashion, logistics, industrial manufacturing, food and beverage, energy and utility, and warehouse and distribution. According to its website, its hiring process takes a little over two weeks, starting with a consultation to discuss your needs and wrapping up with offer negotiations, if necessary. Scope also has a 90-day guarantee.

To learn more about Scope’s distribution recruitment and staffing services, give them a call (256) 384-5077.

Location: 3001 9th Ave SW, Suite 205A, Huntsville, AL 35805


Hirewell is one of the other few staffing firms in the US that handles retained search and distribution recruiting. Its services cover a wide range of industries, including technology, sales, human resources, finance, real estate, and digital marketing. Hirewell adopts a customized approach to solving companies’ talent acquisition challenges, allowing it to work with businesses of all shapes and sizes. In addition to distribution recruiting and executive search, it also offers on-demand recruiting, managed recruiting, and contingent search services.

To inquire about its offerings, you may contact its team at (312) 496-7955.

Hirewell is headquartered in Chicago, but it also holds offices in Atlanta and Dallas.

Location: 200 W Jackson, Suite 410 Chicago, IL 60606

Robert Half

Founded in 1948, Robert Half is one of the oldest professional staffing firms in the US and is also one of the largest. Whether you are looking to hire one person or an entire team for various levels, the company sources the most qualified and skilled professionals to fill such roles. Although it covers a wide range of industries, most of Robert Half’s talent acquisition activities are in the technology, finance, legal, administrative, and creative and marketing fields. It also helps in the hiring of remote talent and securing virtual workspaces.

To find out more about its services, you may visit its website or call 1.844.961.3362.

Location: 2884 Sand Hill Rd #200, Menlo Park, CA 94025

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