TruPath Places Business Development Manager in Seattle

March 15, 2020 TruPath

TruPath Places Business Development Manager in Seattle

Employees of small and large companies can often bring different value to your organization.

A national retailer came to TruPath  for help finding a Business Development Manager.

The Client’s Need:

A well-known national retail outlet was in need of a Business Development Manager for their Corporate Sales division in the Seattle region. This role would be focused on enterprise sales, targeting Fortune 500 companies with both a national and local presence. They needed someone with a strategic approach to finding and building relationships with key decision makers. They would also need to understand the business and negotiation well in order to close large, complex package deals.

TruPath’s Strategy:

TruPath recruiters looked to the resumes to tell a story about the potential Business Development Manager candidates. Listed sales numbers alluded to the size and complexity of sales and customer type. Of course, this had to be looked at in context ($1M worth of snacks tells a much different story than $1M worth of machinery). Each entry on the resumes also told a story of career trajectory. Again, this had to be looked at in context. A sales leader in a small company might not be as senior as their title suggests, but they may also be entrepreneurial. A sales leader in a large company may have had to compete with more employees for their title, but they may be used to having certain resources or structures in place. There are pros and cons to both depending on what a client needs.

The Result of Partnership:

TruPath recruiters connected the client with a Business Development Manager who had a genuine understanding of high-level B2B sales and was knowledgeable and experienced in the industry. Having always worked for smaller companies competing with the big players, he was entrepreneurial and motivated. He was ready to combine his previous experience with the resources of this industry leader to do big things.

As a trusted recruitment source since 2002, the recruiters at TruPath have a customizable process that helps partners (clients) feel comfortable in their search for top talent. Contact a TruPath team member today to tell us about your hiring needs.