TruPath Places Business Operations Specialist

February 15, 2020
February 15, 2020 TruPath

TruPath Places Business Operations Specialist

TruPath  helps a Phoenix manufacturer find a Business Operations Specialist by connecting the dots to find a strong skill set match despite industry differences.

The Client’s Need:

A manufacturer of sustainable products with multiple facilities was looking for a Business Operations Specialist to be based out of their Phoenix headquarters but oversee all of their facilities. This person would need to have a very well-rounded skill set as they would be the liaison between all parties involved in getting an order filled  including customers, technical and production staff, sales, and vendors. They would be responsible for coordinating the groups to efficiently move things forward meaning they would need to have a strong understanding of every level of the business, represent the company at many different levels, and ensure customer satisfaction. This is a big job. Even when different groups have the same end goal, they often view the journey from a lens of their own interests and challenges causing misalignment in the journey. This person would need to be a big picture thinker with business smarts and a persuasive approach.

TruPath’s Strategy:

TruPath Recruiters did a broad search looking for candidates who had similar skill sets. They didn’t need to necessarily have the Business Operations Specialist title because it means different things at different companies. The important thing was to find candidates in roles that required working with different internal teams and clients in order to guide orders to completion with efficiency and quality. TruPath then further narrowed down the pool by considering candidates who were able to illustrate a track record of success.

The Result of Partnership:

The right Business Operations Specialist was from the elevator industry. Despite coming from a field with such different processes, his role was very similar. Additionally, the client was impressed that he had a fantastic, positive attitude and energy, was professional and articulate, and understood how to apply his background and experience to this role. The candidate, who had been in the elevator industry for essentially his entire professional career, was excited about the opportunity to breakout and expand his experience in a new and meaningful way.

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