TruPath Places Capacity Planner for Packaging Materials Manufacturer

June 20, 2019 TruPath

TruPath Places Capacity Planner for Packaging Materials Manufacturer

TruPath places Capacity Planner for a recurring international client by using a touch of job title creativity.

TruPath has a recurring materials manufacturing client who is focused on saving the planet. Their products make a LARGE environmental impact. Working with such a mission-driven and environmental focused client makes recruiting for their positions exciting. 

TruPath Places Capacity Planner for Packaging Materials Manufacturer

The Client’s Need:

A packaging materials manufacturer in Phoenix was seeking a Capacity Planner. With changing customer needs and rapid growth, our client needs someone who can observe and optimize. This person can observe several moving parts and quickly strategize to keep operations at their most efficient levels. 

TruPath’s Strategy:

Capacity Planner is one title for this type of position, but other manufacturers use different titles or split responsibilities into multiple roles. TruPath recruiters searched for capacity, production, manufacturing, and plant planners, schedulers, and coordinators. Manufacturing processes can differ significantly as well, so the next step was looking at candidates who had experience with customized projects rather than high-volume mass production projects. 

The Result:

TruPath recruiters found a Capacity Planner candidate who had experience as a Production Scheduler and Plant Scheduler in the printing industry. This candidate wasn’t looking for a new opportunity (passive candidate) but was intrigued by this new challenge. His experience translated very well as he had been involved in the production of custom projects. Packaging manufacturing often requires printing as well. The client was excited to have his planning experience, and the candidate was excited to contribute to the company’s rapid growth.

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