TruPath Places Construction Manager

July 2, 2019 TruPath

TruPath Places Construction Manager

TruPath places a Construction Manager by reaching out to past candidate. Get the full scoop below!

The Client’s Need:

A national utility-scale solar construction firm was in dire need of a Construction Manager who could join the team and manage a construction portfolio of 50MW+ solar sites. This role requires the Construction Manager to be onsite 95% of the time, and previous utility-scale solar construction experience is required.

TruPath’s Strategy:

Onsite Construction Managers are special. They have to enjoy being outdoors and on the worksite. Additionally, they must be comfortable using their truck as an office. Not to mention, have the authority and presence to manage an entire construction crew. Often these crews have a headcount of at least 200 tradesmen and women. The number of candidates with the right skill set for this role is low. Luckily, TruPath recruiters network often in Construction! One TruPath recruiter reached out to a previous candidate who he thought would be perfect for this role. He managed large-scale industrial projects and solar projects as well.

The Result:

After a relatively short interview process (the client needed talent ASAP), he was offered the Construction Manager role. Placements like these solidify the importance of maintaining relationships. While this particular candidate wasn’t the right fit for a previous role, he was the right fit for this one!

As a trusted recruitment source since 2002, the recruiters at TruPath have a customizable process that helps partners (clients) feel comfortable in their search for top talent. Contact a TruPath team member today to tell us about your hiring needs.