TruPath Places Director of Manufacturing

July 9, 2019 TruPath

TruPath Places Director of Manufacturing

TruPath places a Director of Manufacturing for a rapidly growing international partner.

The Client’s Need

An environmentally-friendly packaging manufacturer in Phoenix, Arizona is currently experiencing rapid international growth. They were in dire need of an experienced Director of Manufacturing to oversee all aspects of two 24/7 manufacturing facilities. They are passionate about maintaining volume and ensuring quality to meet new and continuous customers’ needs. The ideal candidate has the hard skills and experience qualifications. But, most importantly, this person is culturally aligned with the client’s mission-driven and progressive mindset. Passion for the cause is critical for our partner’s continued success.

TruPath’s Strategy

TruPath recruiters found several potential Director of Manufacturing candidates with significant manufacturing experience. They swayed towards Director of Manufacturing candidates who worked their way up through several manufacturing roles. This demonstrates a genuine understanding and appreciation of multiple aspects of manufacturing. Our client requires a hands-on leader. TruPath recruiters spent considerable time assessing soft skills. In particular, they focused on areas of passion. A successful Director of Manufacturing candidate is someone who can quickly identify with our clients innovative and modern business style. Additionally, this person is very passionate about making a positive impact on our environment. 

The Result:

TruPath recruiters reached out to several individuals with executive-level manufacturing experience whose career growth path was outlined in their work history. The recruiters connected with one individual whose passion, drive, and experience truly stood out among the rest. After meeting with her, it became very clear that she possesses the necessary skills, background, and experience to do the job. She also has a deep appreciation for our client’s mission to improve the environment. Our client was very happy to meet and extend the Director of Manufacturing candidate an offer. She has since joined the team and absolutely loves her new role. She says that she found her dream job with our client!

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