TruPath Places Health and Safety Manager

April 12, 2019 TruPath

TruPath Places Health and Safety Manager

TruPath places a Health and Safety Manager in the aerospace industry quickly by leveraging its personal database. Continue reading for details on this search!

One of a staffing agency’s greatest strengths is its database. It catalogs 100’s of 1000’s of different candidates. TruPath’s database has over 200,000 (nearing 300,000) candidates and grows daily.

Believe it or not, many recruiters begin hunting for a specific candidate before checking their staffing agency’s database first. This might sound crazy, but recruiters excel in hunting, so it’s not so bizarre if you are in the staffing industry. However, a recruiting best practice is to ALWAYS check your own database first. The best candidate(s) may be sitting right under your nose!

TruPath Places Health and Safety Manager

The Client’s Need:

A longtime client of TruPath called with an urgent hiring need. This is the nature of about half of the requests TruPath gets. The other half tend to be future needs. TruPath’s partner, in this case, is an aerospace manufacturing company. They were searching for a Health and Safety Manager for their manufacturing facility. TruPath recruiters jumped into action to help our client as fast as possible.

TruPath’s Strategy:

TruPath has a very strong database of Health and Safety professionals. The TruPath recruiters started this search by reaching out to their individual networks and candidates in the TruPath database immediately. The recruiting team had multiple qualified candidates interested and available within a few days of starting the search.

Inside Scoop: With recurring clients, recruiters already have a firm understanding of the company’s culture, values, and work environment. This is why these roles are often filled quickly.

The Result of Partnership:

The recruiting team identified two quality candidates who were excellent matches for the Health and Safety Manager role. They possess the hard and soft skills that our partner is looking for in this type of position. Both candidates interviewed with our client’s panel. The candidates came out neck-and-neck and the leadership team had a very difficult time making a decision between the two talented individuals.

One of the candidates had the ability to bring immediate cost savings to the company with his certifications in hearing and vision testing. Ultimately, this was the deciding factor. He started quickly and was able to sneak in a few days training with the outgoing Health and Safety Manager.

For all your hiring needs, contact the professionals at TruPath to find the right fit for your team. As a trusted recruitment source for more than fifteen years, TruPath has the industry knowledge and a proven model to help our partners feel comfortable in their search for a candidate.

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