TruPath Places Lab Manager

February 12, 2019 TruPath

TruPath Places Lab Manager

TruPath Senior Recruiter, Chris McKay, places Lab Manager in Gilbert, Arizona. Continue reading to find out how Chris found the candidate who possesses the winning combination of expertise and passion for the Lab Manager role.

Fun Fact: Chris McKay has been a Recruiter at TruPath since 2010. Curious about his tenure? Chris summarizes TruPath’s approach below:

TruPath focuses on the importance of going the extra mile to assure that the motivations, personality, and attitude of potential candidates synergize with the culture, environment, mission, and goals of our clients. Taking the time to gain a genuine understanding of a client’s organization and a candidate’s true values and objectives is paramount. This is the cornerstone of TruPath.

TruPath Places Lab Manager

The Client’s Need

A cutting edge, sustainable technology firm focused on eco-friendly, long-term solutions for reducing and eliminating plastics reached out to TruPath. They needed an experienced Lab Manager for their state-of-the-art facility in Gilbert, Arizona. The ideal individual for this role needs a degree in Chemistry, considerable experience working in a lab environment, and a genuine desire to make global changes. Realizing that finding the exact person for this role was more complex than they initially determined, our client reached out to TruPath for assistance.

TruPath’s Strategy

The TruPath recruiting team has filled roles for this client in the past. In doing so, the team spent a considerable amount of time learning about the company’s mission and values. This included getting to know the team, understanding the unique culture, and learning about the work environment. TruPath recruiters also honed in on the key factors (soft skills & characteristics) that each successful team member shared. Utilizing this information along with the specific hard skills required for this role (lab management, data analytics, product and material testing, etc.), TruPath recruiters were able to establish a baseline candidate profile and begin a custom search. Through internal network contacts and several in-depth conversations, Chris identified a candidate exceeding all the required components for success in this Lab Manager role.

The Result of Partnership

After meeting with the Lab Manager candidate, our client moved quickly making an offer. The candidate eagerly joined their team. He has since started his new role and still can’t believe that he found his dream job!

Chris McKay


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