November 14, 2018 TruPath

TruPath Places Manufacturing President in Atlanta, Georgia

TruPath places manufacturing President in Atlanta, Georgia for a wood countertop manufacturer. Learn more about this search and the Recruiter who found the talented woman taking over this role.

Wood Manufacturing President

TruPath Places Manufacturing President 

The Client’s Need:

A specialty woodworking manufacturer reached out to TruPath regarding their need for new manufacturing President to replace their current President. Their current President had risen from the ranks very successfully. However, she is planning to exit the company at the end of the year. Our client required a manufacturing President familiar with woodworking, knowledge of shop operations, and financial and marketing acumen. To top it off, the manufacturing President must be an extremely capable sales leader to drive the business successfully forward. 

TruPath’s Strategy:

Given the specific industry requirement and strategic responsibilities of this role, our team tailored their recruiting approach. TruPath Recruiters connected with top manufacturing President candidates with specific woodworking experience. Each possess various leadership backgrounds and paths giving our client a diverse mix of skillsets to assess. This role requires a specific leadership style for optimal integration into the current culture while also driving the operational goals forward. We found candidates who were operational experts and others who were marketing and sales experts. Ultimately, our client chose a local candidate seasoned in domestic and internal sales and extremely familiar with our client’s flagship product. 

The Result of Partnership:

Our candidate who accepted the manufacturing President role showed a strong interest in the company and role from the very first conversation with TruPath Recruiter Bernard Nixon. The timing was excellent for her personally and professionally. She built a strong rapport with her Recruiter and the interviewers from the earliest stages of the process. It was clear very early on that her leadership style is an excellent fit for our client’s needs. After in-person meetings with the current President and executive team, her fit became even more solidified. Our candidate and client were in full alignment with regards to the direction of the President role, and the company’s short and long-term growth strategy. She is currently transitioning into the position as her predecessor transitions out, and she looks forward to taking the company to the next level of success! 



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