June 26, 2018 TruPath

TruPath Places Orbital Welder

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The Client’s Need:

We frequently place very specialized positions that require unique skillsets and talents. In a tight labor market, finding candidates who are both qualified and interested in making a move is difficult. These candidates are usually working! 

A precision engineering machine shop in Phoenix, Arizona partnered with TruPath when their search efforts weren’t yielding the right talent. Our client conducted a search internally for an Orbital Welder – a skilled manufacturing position that requires strong knowledge of a precise and difficult welding technique and equipment. Their search was in process for six months before they reached out for help.

TruPath’s Strategy:

We have a number of techniques for filling “niche” positions for our clients. One strategy is identifying individuals relocating to a new city. Part of our strategy for this search was identifying candidates with mismatched zip codes. A resume with an out-of-state address attached to a profile with an in-state address tells us that a candidate is most likely relocating. 

The Result of Partnership:

Bernard found a strong candidate relocating his family to Phoenix. His skillset and industry experience were an excellent fit for our client’s needs. They moved him quickly through the interview process, hiring him shortly after. This was a big win for our client and our candidate! The new role helped our candidate finance a new home for his family in Phoenix. 


Bernard Nixon III

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