November 21, 2018 TruPath

TruPath Places Process Technician

TruPath Recruiter, Bernard Nixon, places Process Technician for worldwide consumer product manufacturer. Learn more about this placement below.

Process Technician Consumer Goods

TruPath Places Manufacturing Process Technician

The Client’s Need:

One of TruPath’s plastics manufacturing clients partnered with TruPath for help on a variety of openings necessary for a new plant recently acquired from another company. This client specializes in injection molding for consumer goods and carries a large-scale refit of their equipment on site. Our client requested TruPath’s recruiting expertise to help staff multiple roles to launch this new manufacturing facility. Specifically, one of their greatest needs and hard-to-fill roles was a Process Technician to aid with machine set-up and installation. 

TruPath’s Strategy:

Though our client’s need was urgent, they stressed the importance of taking time to find someone with plastics manufacturing experience for the Process Technician position. Since the parameters of the search excluded any out-of-state candidates, it was simple for TruPath Recruiters to compile a short-list of candidates with local industry experience. The real challenge was finding a Process Technician candidate with the necessary experience who was flexible enough to work night shift in a start-up environment.

The Result of Partnership:

In this case, Bernard Nixon found an individual in his network who knew nothing about the open Process Technician role. Through the prescreening process, Bernard stoked his interest in the position. Shortly after completing internal interviews with the client, he was made an offer and accepted!
This candidate is an example of an individual who might have slipped under the radar of a casual search for Process Technicians. The candidate was originally seeking a Process Engineer role, and only came to appreciate the Process Technician role when the details of the position were fully explained during the prescreening process. 


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