TruPath Places Production Planner

December 10, 2019 TruPath

TruPath Places Production Planner

TruPath places a Production Planner eager for a challenge.

A specialty engineering firm came to TruPath  for help finding a Production Planner with a unique skill set.

The Client’s Need:

A specialty engineering firm that creates custom manufacturing equipment needed a Production Planner to outline the creation process of each new project from start to finish. Each project can require thousands of parts, so they needed someone who with a sharp mind and strong organizational and critical thinking skills to understand what can be made first and what can only be assembled last. This position demands a specific skill set.

TruPath’s Strategy:

Production Planner isn’t a particularly rare job. However, not many companies have Production Planners that are a functional match to this role. As candidates were identified, company and industry research needed to be conducted to ensure previous experience was aligned. A custom foam manufacturer, for example, wouldn’t have as many moving parts. After a rigorous search, TruPath recruiters identified a candidate that had previous experience managing production planning for satellites in a cleanroom environment.

The Result of Partnership:

The client often works on projects for the semi-conductor industry, so a candidate with experience planning very complex projects in a cleanroom environment was more than they could have hoped for. The candidate seeking a new, yet equally as challenging industry was enthusiastic about the variety of projects she would be planning. She joined the team ready for the new challenges ahead!

Interestingly, she started the same day as another TruPath candidate to be introduced in a future story.

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