TruPath Places Production Manager in South Carolina

November 24, 2019 TruPath

TruPath Places Production Manager in South Carolina

TruPath places a Production Manager who shares the same workplace philosophy as senior leadership.

A long-time manufacturing client worked with TruPath  to find a change-making Production Manager.

The Client’s Need:

A manufacturing client with multiple locations had concerns about their South Carolina plant. Manufacturing is ever evolving as factors such as demand, designs, and technology change, so even the best plans can have bumps in the road. Senior Leadership believed focusing on improving processes would help employees be their best and bring improved results, but their former Production Manager didn’t agree. They needed a Production Manager who would be process-focused and moral-boosting through various stages of the company’s growth.

TruPath’s Strategy:

TruPath recruiters contacted many Production Managers in the area and looked for candidates who had a background in Continuous Improvement and the pillars of Lean Manufacturing, especially 5s. In interviews recruiters asked behavioral questions to gain insight into how candidates solved problems and if their actions aligned with the client’s philosophy. Can you tell a story about a time you led an under-performing employee? What do you do to serve your employees?

The Result of Partnership:

TruPath recruiters found a Production Manager who was a situational leader that took the time to truly understand what was needed for success. He had a history of increasing employee retention by taking at-risk employees under his wing and providing individualized coaching. He also had no problem rolling up his sleeves and taking over any job on the floor to ensure his team could meet their objectives both for the company and personally. The candidate was interested in this opportunity because his previous employer didn’t see the value in Continuous Improvement, and he appreciated having shared values with the client. He quickly joined the team, bringing his positive attitude and process-oriented mindset to support both the employees under him and leadership above him.

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