TruPath Places Sales Representative in Massachusetts

June 6, 2019 TruPath

TruPath Places Sales Representative in Massachusetts

A company’s growth plans are most likely connected to sales goals. To achieve these goals, organizations are hiring and retaining top sales talent. Due to the diverse products and services offered in today’s market, no two sales professionals are alike. This means it may be a bit more difficult nowadays to attract the right sales professionals to your organization. However, the good news is…. There is so much sales talent out there! You just have to know where to look.

Learn more about TruPath’s strategy to find the right sales professional for a custom outdoor builder on the East Coast.

The Client’s Need:

A backyard structures and custom furniture builder in Massachusetts continues to grow. The Owner was seeking additional sales support to continue the business momentum. The client wanted a salesperson skilled at working with homeowners in a very consultative manner. Additionally, this person must also represent the company’s values. Cultural fit was critical.

TruPath’s Strategy:

The first step in TruPath’s recruiting process was to determine all the sales roles that consult with homeowners. TruPath recruiters considered realtors, home improvement services, and products such as cabinets and solar panels. Once a candidate was sourced and interest was confirmed, soft skill assessment began over the phone. Asking behavioral interview questions gave TruPath recruiters insight into how individual sales professionals responded to customer situations. Furthermore, having an open-ended interview in which candidates were encouraged to talk about what they were proud of highlighted personal and professional values.

The Result:

TruPath recruiters found a passive candidate (employed sales professional) who had experience as a home buyer. He had a winning combination of home products sales experience and spoke honestly yet considerately about his past experiences. The candidate was proud of being a competitive salesperson but his success came from his customer service and relationships built from trustworthiness. He was open to new opportunities because he wanted to sell a product he could believe in. He saw the value in what TruPath’s client was selling, and the client felt he was a great fit for the growing team.

As a trusted recruitment source since 2002, the recruiters at TruPath have a customizable process that helps partners (clients) feel comfortable in their search for top talent.  Contact a TruPath team member  today to tell us about your Executive search needs.