TruPath Places Two Production Supervisors

January 11, 2020 TruPath

TruPath Places Two Production Supervisors

TruPath “kills two birds with one stone” (metaphorically, of course!) by filling two roles with one search.

A manufacturing company came to TruPath  for help finding Production Supervisors who could lead their teams to success.

The Client’s Need:

A busy production facility in the Charlotte area was going through some growing pains resulting in high turnover of their temporary labor force which lead to the loss of not 1 but 2 of their overnight Production Supervisors. Production Supervisors are crucial in meeting production goals and filling customer orders on time. Qualified candidates must have the necessary technical, planning, leadership, and communication skills and the right manufacturing experience to be successful. Additionally, thick skin and familiarity with the local culture are key. Candidates who fit this description can be a challenge to find, but it is even more challenging to find such candidates who are comfortable working overnight shifts.

TruPath’s Strategy:

Experience can be gleaned from a resume, but you can’t assess personality, attitude, or willingness to work overnight without screening candidates. TruPath recruiters found a significant group of potential Production Supervisors that looked like they could fit the bill on paper. They then made sure to screen each one, asking the obvious questions like, “How do you feel about night shifts?” but also attending to story details and conversation clues that provide insight into each candidate’s character. TruPath recruiters were able to identify three qualified individuals that checked all the boxes and had the right personality and attitude for the role, giving the client enough options to work with and ultimately decide on who to move forward with.

The Result of Partnership:

The client moved forward with interviews to confirm the conclusions TruPath recruiters came to and compare strengths and weaknesses to decide who would be the best fit. Interviews are a two-way street, so the process also prepared the candidates on what to expect and what would be expected of them so when the offers were made, so they could quickly get started. TruPath and the client were able to as the saying goes, “kill two birds with one stone” by filling two Production Supervisor roles with one search.

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