TruPath Places Technician Turned Manufacturing Engineer

January 24, 2020 TruPath

TruPath Places Technician Turned Manufacturing Engineer

TruPath connects a client with a Technician who can take on their evolving needs.

A manufacturing solutions company came to TruPath  for help finding a Technician and found a Manufacturing Engineer along the way.

The Client’s Need:

A manufacturing solutions engineering company in Phoenix required a Technician that had experience assembling specialty equipment for markets that use automated robots including and especially semiconductor and automotive. This person would need to have keen attention to detail and intricate equipment knowledge to work with the rest of the team and ensure projects are completed to meet tight deadlines.

TruPath’s Strategy:

Because the client is somewhat unique, it can be a challenge to find candidates with experience that exactly matches the required roles. TruPath recruiters addressed this by breaking down the role to truly understand what skills a successful new Technician would need to succeed in the role. The next step was to look for candidates with those skills in a wide range of industries. TruPath recruiters identified a Technician who had experience assembling sophisticated aircraft equipment and the right mindset for the type of work that would need to be performed.

The Result of Partnership:

During the interview process, the client realized what they truly needed was a Manufacturing Engineer. While assembly would still be a key part of the role, they also would need this person to optimize processes. It was with a hearty handshake and a solid offer that the Technician became a Manufacturing Engineer. By identifying highly skilled talent, TruPath recruiters were able to connect the client with a candidate who could take on an additional challenge, and the candidate was able to take the next step in his career.

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