January 10, 2019 TruPath

TruPath’s Company Referral Program

Did you know… TruPath has a Company Referral Program. This program is designed to recognize our trusted partners and incentivize future business opportunities. 

TruPath's Company Referral Program

There is no honor quite like a referral. Over the years, trusted partners have referred clients to TruPath for several different types of hiring needs. We love taking care of our friend’s friends! Not only that, but we like doing business with those we know and trust. It’s the same for others too.

TruPath’s Company Referral Program

TruPath is an organization that is well-versed in recruiting for a wide variety of industries and roles. We have a high rate of  success  helping companies with their internal hiring needs. TruPath recruiters pride themselves on serving repeat clients and their referrals.

The TruPath Company Referral Program was designed for our partners who have relationships with clients and contacts who have direct placement staffing needs. We have trusted partners who provide warm introductions to companies who have current or upcoming hiring needs. If we sign a service agreement and fill a role from your warm introduction, we offer you a referral bonus as a thank you for helping us to grow our business.

Referral Bonus:

TruPath’s recruiting fees are based on a percentage of the candidate’s  first year  annual salary (see below). 10% of that fee is a bonus to you.

  • Non-Leadership/Non-technical – 22% Contingent
  • Technical – 25% Contingent
  • Management/Leadership – 28% Contingent
  • VP – C-Suite – 30% Retained

Example – TruPath places of a Director with a base salary of $100,000. The role was a warm introduction referral. The rate for this role is 28% of first-year annual salary = $28,000. TruPath’s company referral partner receives a bonus of $2,800.

Interested in learning more? Contact a member of the TruPath team today to discuss becoming a company referral partner at 1-844- TRUPATH  (878-7284).