October 28, 2015 lauren

Top 3 Reasons Why People Accept A New Job

why people accept a new job

What do employees and prospective candidates want? Based on a survey of 20,000+ professionals around the world, LinkedIn has identified the top three reasons why people accept a new job.

In addition, LinkedIn has also identified the aspects of company culture that matter most.

Without further ado, here are the top 3 reasons why people accept a new job:

Reason #1: 49% of professionals accept a new job because of “better compensation”

Better compensation was the top vote getter from LinkedIn’s survey. It’s no surprise – if one company offered you $5,000 more per year to do the same thing, which offer would you choose?

Reason #2: 21% of professionals accept a new job because it’s a better place to work (culture)

One out of every five professionals accept a new job because they want to work in a better environment. Culture is a buzzword that’s been thrown around a lot in recruiting circles these days, and it’s stats like this that show that workplace culture has a tangible impact in recruiting the best and brightest.

For those who cited company culture as a factor for their decision, these aspects of a company culture mattered most:

  • 33% – Better Professional Development
  • 29% – Better Work-Life Balance
  • 25% – More Challenging Work
  • 23% – Having a Role that fits skill set

Reason #3 – 14% of professionals accept a new job to have more influence within the company

Everyone wants to see their careers progress. It’s no surprise that if an employee doesn’t have influence at their organization, they’ll likely move to a company where they can exercise their influence.

Did you know? Only 6% would accept a new job for a better job title.

What are some reasons why you think people accept a new job? Contact TruPath to submit more reasons that you’ve seen at your organization.

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