Your Next Job Most Likely Will Come From Your Network…

June 17, 2019 TruPath

Your Next Job Most Likely Will Come From Your Network…

Stop for a minute and reflect on how you got your most recent job. Obviously, you went through the interview process, and YOU got the job. But…. How did you find out about the job? In the comments section of this blog, please share your answer. We want to know!

A recent report, 50 Recruiting and HR Stats for 2019, published by Glassdoor suggests that 45% of people prefer to find out about a relevant job opportunity from a friend. We would argue that this percentage is probably higher! Glassdoor uses the term “friend” but we are replacing “friend” with “network.” So, who makes up your network? Friends, co-workers, colleagues, and personal or professional acquaintances.

Your Next Job Most Likely Will Come From Your Network…

As the author of this blog, I stopped to reflect on how I got my most recent job. Then, I thought about my husband, a family member, a co-worker, and a professional colleague. All individuals I know who have recently made career moves. Do you want to know what they ALL have in common? Their most recent job came from their network. I’m not suggesting that they didn’t each apply for several jobs. However, the job they each accepted was one referred by their network.

Why is your network important?

Have you ever applied for a job on a website? After reading the job description, you feel that your qualifications are “spot on” for what the company is looking for. In your mind, you check all the boxes. Then, you never hear from anyone. You feel as though your resume got sucked into a black hole, and you are left wondering who the company chose and why they chose someone over you. Furthermore, you find yourself frustrated that you received no communication. Not even a “thanks but no thanks” notification.

This is why your network is important. Hiring managers and recruiters see 100’s of resumes. Right, wrong or indifferent, your resume is one piece of paper on the pile. However, referrals are tagged. They stand out from the rest of the pieces of paper and hiring managers and recruiters take a closer look. Why? Because people like doing business with people they know and trust.

When looking for a new job or hiring for an open role in your company, leveraging your network is one of the fastest and strongest ways to connect talent with an open opportunity. Your network is most likely diverse; compiled of different people working at various companies around the globe. They each know something different than the others. They have different insight, suggestions, and connections. Not to mention, they each have a network as well.

How to leverage your network

How you leverage your network will look a little different depending on the role you play in the hiring process.

As a job seeker, you are reaching out to your network to let people you trust know you are looking for a new job. Your search may be passive, confidential, or very public. The more people you connect with to explain what you’re looking for and why the more advocates you create for yourself. These individuals may know of open roles in their companies or with others. They will also keep their “eyes open” for any potential opportunities that pop up with their networks.

As a hiring manager, you’re more than likely leveraging several different resources to attract candidates to your open role(s). You may even have a recruiter or recruiting team sourcing candidates for you. Reaching out to your network to explain the type of person you’re looking for can dramatically increase the number of qualified candidates referred your way. Your trusted network is less likely to send you just anyone. If you want to attract anyone and everyone, a job posting will do just that!

A recruiter’s network is a powerful tool. This is why many hiring managers choose to leverage staffing agencies. A recruiter’s network grows over time. Each day it gets larger and more powerful because recruiters are talking to people every single day. Often, recruiters grow their networks by asking qualified candidates or past placements if they know anyone else that they would like to refer for a particular job.

How to grow your network

You may be thinking about your current network. It may be strong. It may be small. However, you have the ability to influence and grow your network at any time.

Tips for growing your network:
  • Connect with professionals you know and value. Connect with them on LinkedIn first. This is a professional place to follow and interact with your network easily. It keeps you up-to-date with someone’s current position and current news.
  • Connect with professionals in your field. Connect with them on LinkedIn and find local or national groups to interact with. Ex: a professional association or networking group.
  • Connect with professionals in your extended network. Connect with these second-degree connections (people you don’t know but someone in your network knows) on LinkedIn. Schedule a coffee meeting or tour to learn more about someone’s role and business.

If you are currently looking to hire for a role or looking for your next job opportunity, reach out to TruPath! We would be honored to network with you.

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