May 23, 2018 TruPath

From Associate to Leader: One Candidate’s Growth Story

TruPath’s Community Relations Director, Megan McQuade, chats with an exemplary employee whose hard-work, drive, and work ethic turned a temporary assignment into a lucrative career.

One candidate's story of growth

Sean Kim found out about TruPath from a friend who worked through TruPath months prior. TruPath is a staffing agency that works with organizations to fill contract (temporary) and direct placement (permanent) roles. He partnered with Josh Rautio, Recruiting Manager, and was placed at a client quickly on contract.

Sean’s Journey from Contract Employee to Leader:

Sean explains, “I started out as a sales associate back in early 2011. I worked for a few months bagging soils, cleaning the yard, and doing whatever else was asked of me. I showed up every day, on-time, and ready to go. Unfortunately, work slowed down and my assignment ended. I stayed until the last hour, shook the Manager’s hand, and thanked him for the opportunity. About a month or two later, the company got busy again and asked me to return for another assignment. The timing was perfect! I was just finishing another contract role through TruPath when they called. In November of 2011, I was hired on full-time. I was a soils associate for a little over a year and a half before accepting a shift leader position. Shortly after accepting that, I became the Soils Supervisor. I’ve been the Soils Supervisor for about five years. Eight months ago I was asked to take over two more departments. I now run the soils, systems, and lighting departments.”

The Reality Behind Contract Assignments:

Contract roles may be temporary assignments for project work and peak volume needs. However, many companies also use contract roles as a “trial period.” They allow an organization to test an employee’s skills and behaviors. It is not uncommon for a contract employee to be hired on full-time after a period of time. It is very important that a candidate understands the role and expectations for each assignment. And, showing exemplary behavior, like Sean, has its benefits!

Sean admits, “I would like to think that my work ethic, attendance, willingness to get the job done no matter what, and positive attitude were all reasons that led me to the position I’m in now. I love working for my company!”

Why Staffing Agencies are Helpful:

Staffing agency support is common in many industries. For example, manufacturing organizations like Sean’s use staffing agencies routinely as part of their hiring strategy. And, looking for a new job can be overwhelming! Partnering with an agency can help you find out about opportunities in your area and gives you an advocate if something comes along that matches your skillset and interests.

Sean says, I am very thankful for everyone that had a helping hand in getting me to where I am today.”  The TruPath team gives special thanks to Sean for his partnership over the years. Sean’s journey is one that is celebrated in the TruPath office!

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