Here’s How to Find Skilled Labor, Even During a Worker Shortage

June 14, 2021
June 14, 2021 TruPath

Here’s How to Find Skilled Labor, Even During a Worker Shortage

With the world still trying to recover from COVID-19, many employers are facing a worker shortage. Companies are beginning to offer new job openings as a way to bounce back from the loss suffered during the global pandemic. However, there seems to be a lack of qualified candidates applying for these positions. In the manufacturing industry especially, companies are struggling with how to find skilled labor during the nation’s current worker shortage.

The Challenges of a Worker Shortage

Handling a worker shortage in any industry provides plenty of obstacles that a company’s leadership must overcome. The negative impact of a worker shortage can quickly snowball into a less-than-desirable situation for manufacturing companies. Read on to learn more about what exactly those challenges are and the impact they have on the manufacturing industry.

Increased Shortcuts

Unfortunately, a decrease in the number of available employees can lead to shortcuts as a way to increase profit. This may mean cutting costs when it comes to essential machinery or re-evaluating current processes to find new cost-efficient methods. But, manufacturing companies should be aware that a lack of proper maintenance or quality processes can lead to an even larger loss should a mistake happen or a machine break down. Companies should take the time to properly evaluate their situation and find a balanced solution.

Decreased Work Quality

With an increase of shortcuts being taken in the workplace, work quality is inevitably going to decrease. Not only are employees unable to produce high-quality products and services, but morale may be directly impacted as well. Current employees are forced to take on more responsibility than they can handle, leading to burnout that may cost the company even more employees.

Slowed Growth

The combination of shortcuts and decreased quality of work can lead to a slow growth process. Without a reasonable amount of employees, products and services are unable to be produced at a rapid rate stunting the sales and growth of the company. Companies are placed into a position where they must choose between allotting funds toward investments and production or hiring less experienced employees to make up for the loss.

How to Find Skilled Labor in a Shortage

Though a worker shortage is a less-than-ideal situation, there are still a few ways to draw attention to your company and find qualified candidates to fill open positions.

Change Your Recruiting Method

Though a worker shortage decreases the pool of qualified candidates, it does not completely eliminate the ability to hire new talent. While direct hiring may not be working out, there are other recruiting methods to find candidates. Executive search firms like TruPath have advanced experience in how to find skilled labor, even during a worker shortage. Using our direct hire services to reimagine your recruiting process, your company can quickly match with skilled, reliable candidates that align with your company culture.

Increase Team Adaptability

Though it’s not the most ideal situation, your company may need to consider re-evaluating the current processes used in your workplace and find ways to adapt. Until your company is able to find new talent to take on the needed positions, you’ll have to work with your team to become more agile and handle multiple roles.

Reinvent Your Training Program

Since the qualified candidate pool is a bit stretched during a worker shortage, it may be time to reinvent the way you train your employees. Instead of searching for a candidate with years of experience, consider looking for a professional who is eager to learn and fits your company culture. Create a new training process that includes hands-on work and in-depth explanations to foster an experienced employee. Learning on the job can be one of the most beneficial ways to train.

Increase Brand Awareness

Lastly, consider your current marketing strategies and how you can affordably raise awareness for your manufacturing brand. Utilize social media and word-of-mouth campaigns to get your company name out there. The candidates who are available to work despite the shortage may be struggling to find reputable companies like your own to apply to. By increasing your brand awareness, you may receive more applications and find qualified candidates.

Find Reliable Candidates with TruPath

As companies work through how to find skilled labor, many are turning to executive recruiting firms to connect them with the right candidates. TruPath offers high-end employer services to find and fill critical positions with a hands-on approach to hiring. We take the time to learn about your company and understand your recruitment needs before finding candidates that align with you. Our expansive network of professionals opens up a world of opportunities for both company leadership and individual professionals to match with the best fit.
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