5 Important Manufacturing Job Trends That Impact Hiring

September 27, 2021
September 27, 2021 Lauren

5 Important Manufacturing Job Trends That Impact Hiring

The manufacturing industry is ever-changing, relying on adaptation to meet the growing demands of the economy. This is great news for innovative individuals looking to make their way into the industry. However, these changing manufacturing job trends also mean that hiring practices are likely to change with the times. Keep reading to learn more about the latest manufacturing job trends and how these may impact your hiring strategies.

5 Manufacturing Job Trends

Job Growth

Unfortunately, the manufacturing industry did see a major uptick in unemployment during the COVID-19 pandemic. With workers unable to congregate in the offices and warehouses, production slowed and many employees were laid off.

As of August of 2021, however, over 1 million of the 1.4 million jobs lost at the start of the pandemic have been restored. In addition, the industry is seeing a steady increase in the number of job opportunities available. In August alone, the manufacturing industry introduced 31,000 new jobs.

In addition, the manufacturing industry has seen an increase in hourly wages. In August of 2021. Employees across the entire industry experienced an average increase of 10 cents, raising the industry average to $29.85/hour.

This manufacturing job trend offers plenty of opportunities for individuals looking to make their way into, or back into, the industry.


Though manufacturers have become accustomed to manual labor, the industry is starting to see a major shift to automation and digital efforts.

With the inability to keep employees in-house during the pandemic, many companies faced the decision to momentarily shut down or rely on systems such as artificial intelligence (AI). In order to keep up with demands and adhere to government regulations, the digital revolution made its way into the industry.

Additionally, the digital twin technology has become a growing source of production for many manufacturing companies. This technology allows manufacturers to create prototypes of new products before production, reducing the number of errors and general overhead costs.

More and more, businesses have begun relying on automation to handle repetitive tasks. This manufacturing job trend is allowing employees more time to focus on larger-scale projects and ensure the quality of products is at its highest.

As the need for manufactured products continues to grow, it’s likely that businesses will transition further into using automation and digital technologies. This means that companies are shifting their hiring focus to individuals with previous experience working with technology. As you prepare your resume, consider how you have interacted with this technology and what you can bring to this new trend.

Local Production

In recent years, the manufacturing industry saw an increase in outsourcing to manage demands. However, the industry has begun reshoring many positions for a more local approach to production.

This is a great manufacturing job trend for employers throughout the industry. Employers have the opportunity to meet their candidates in person during interviews and gain a better sense of who they are hiring. Companies can also expand their teams and grow their network as they onboard new professionals.


Though sustainability is not a new trend in the manufacturing industry, it has grown in popularity recently. Companies are constantly seeking new ways to become environmentally sustainable, such as switching over to eco-friendly energy sources and investing in reusable shipping materials.

What this means in terms of manufacturing job trends is that professionals with sustainability experience are a hot commodity. Manufacturing companies should be actively seeking out candidates that can bring sustainable solutions to the table. These solutions will help your company run a little smoother and save your organization precious time and money.

Improved Supply Chain Management

After witnessing the negative impact unavoidable disruptions had on their businesses, many manufacturers are seeking new and improved supply chain management solutions. This means finding new ways to continue meeting demands in situations where your company cannot run as normal.

When it comes to hiring, candidates should have experience handling these types of setbacks. Whether that means an adaptable mindset or prior experience creating reliable solutions, hiring managers are on the lookout. This manufacturing job trend is here to stay, bringing innovation to the forefront of the industry.

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