Recruiting Firm: Frequently Asked Questions

March 9, 2019 TruPath

Recruiting Firm: Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for a recruiting partner to support your staffing need(s), you most likely have some questions. TruPath, a National Recruiting Firm, compiled the most frequently asked recruiting firm questions of 2018 to share with you.

Below, are the top 10 most frequently asked recruiting firm questions of 2018. If your question didn’t make this list, reach out and we are happy to answer it too!

1. What makes you different from others (competitors)?

We don’t spend time internally discussing competitors. We aim to be a valued partner, so we focus on how we can provide the best service to our clients (partners). Unfortunately, recruiting firms are often at a disadvantage because of the stigma in the industry. This perception will continue to shift as recruiting firms focus on quality placements over quick fills.

First, we aren’t a resume mill. Can we be? Sure! Some partners just want resumes, and we have the ability to access TONS of resumes very QUICKLY. But, overall, clients can collect resumes on their own via their website or an online job forum. Most partners come to a recruiting firm for highly qualified candidates.

Next, we don’t post jobs (opportunities) on our website. We find the right candidates, most often, by reaching out to passive candidates (individuals currently working). Passive candidates aren’t actively seeking a new opportunity. Furthermore, these candidates don’t know who we are reaching out on behalf of. It allows for more authentic conversations.

Additionally, we strive to learn about our client’s culture before beginning a search. We seek candidates who have not only the hard skills a client seeks, but the soft skills desired as well. Soft skills assessment requires building a relationship and multiple conversations. Before our client sees a candidate, our recruiting team has had multiple touch points with this person (several interviews).

2. What is your recruiting process?

Each TruPath search is unique. We believe that every company and each role within a company is unique. So, TruPath recruiters launch a new search for each new role. Why? Every company is different. Therefore, our clients are looking for a set of soft and hard skills that vary from one another.

Are hard skills for the same role similar across companies? Definitely! However, we never assume. And, most often, the soft skills needed vary depending on the size of company, composition of the current team, and future growth plans. TruPath recruiters actively seek for individuals who possess the combination of these skills.

Recruiters always start with their networks and the TruPath database. From there, the recruiters expand to all different candidate seeking avenues, including the online platforms and job forums. However, instead of posting roles on these resources, TruPath recruiters hunt for people with the specific experience, skills, and personalities our clients are seeking. Can we post roles on these resources. Sure! But, we often find that it’s not the best way to attract talent.

TruPath recruiters start with a phone conversation getting to know a candidate. The next phase in the recruiting process is a phone screen. If the TruPath recruiter assesses the candidate to be a potential fit for the client’s role and organization, the candidate is passed to an in-person interview. This occurs at TruPath’s office or via video technology. If a TruPath is confident that the candidate may be a successful addition to the client’s team after the face-to-face interview, the candidate is submitted to the client in writing with an attached resume.

At this stage, the candidate enters our client’s recruiting process. As partners, this becomes very customizable depending on our client’s needs and requirements. EX: Some partners move right to in-person interviews at the company’s home office, others begin with a phone screen, etc.

3. What type(s) of services do you offer?

TruPath offers Direct Placement services on a contingent or retained basis. We used to offer contract-to-hire services, but no longer do this. TruPath places permanent employees for partners who need help attracting and hiring talented individuals. Often, clients come to TruPath for the following reasons:

  1. The position that needs to be filled is hard-to-fill and the client’s HR team has not been successful. It’s also possible that the role needs to be filled quickly, so additional support is needed.
  2. The company is small-medium size and does not have the HR and/or recruiting support to fill the roll. We see this often.
  3. The client prefers to outsource the recruiting function to save time and leverage expertise.

For contingent searches, no payment is due until TruPath recruiters find the right candidate for the role. Payment is due immediately upon the candidates first day of work. TruPath requests exclusivity on these searches to become an extension of our partner’s team.

Retained searches require a portion of payment to launch the search. This type of search is typically designed for hard-to-fill or high level role. The remainder of the payment is due increments. Retained searches receive priority over contingent searches.

4. Do you help job seekers find new roles?

TruPath is client-centric, not candidate-centric. That means that we partner with companies looking to find talent. We then actively search for individuals for specific roles. TruPath doesn’t consult with job seekers and help them find new opportunities. We value job seekers, but our model does not support hunting for new roles for candidates.

However, we do encourage candidates to submit their resumes on our website HERE. Submitting a resume allows it to become part of our database. We always look in our database as a first step when launching a new search.

5. After I submit my resume, what is the next step?

After submitting a resume, it becomes part of the TruPath database. When launching a search, recruiters always check the TruPath database for talented individuals first. A candidate may submit a resume while actively searching for a new role, and TruPath may reach out later when this person becomes passive (currently working). If a TruPath recruiter feels like the candidate may be a good fit for one of our current or upcoming roles, he/she will reach out ASAP.

So, after submitting a resume, we recommend the candidate continues job hunting. If a candidate sees a TruPath recruiter post about a role on an online resource, that recruiter can be reached out to directly. Our team’s information can be found HERE. We recommend that job seekers keep their online profiles professional and up-to-date with current information.

6. What is your recruiting firm’s area of expertise?

TruPath strategically does not niche in any one industry. Where’s the fun in that?! In 2002, the company began staffing in light industrial and manufacturing. While we have done the most work in these verticals, we staff in several other industries as well. Our most frequent placements come from manufacturing, construction, engineering, professional services, sales, and non-profit.

We pride ourselves in the diversity of industries we support. It makes our recruiters’ roles exciting to constantly be focused on different roles. In addition, it keeps our focus on hunting. We blog about many of our recent fills. You can review some of our recent placements on the TruPath Blog.

On our blog, you will see roles such as President, VP of Sales, Quality Control Supervisor, Senior Project Manager, General Manager, Fundraising Director, and Process Technician

7. What are your recruiting fees?

TruPath’s recruiting fees are transparently posted on the TruPath website HERE. TruPath posts recruiting fees for a couple reasons:

  1. This question is often one of the first questions a potential client has. Partners shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to find this answer. We choose to make finding how much easy.
  2. Transparent fees eliminate negotiating. TruPath offers the best pricing upfront. We don’t enjoy negotiating price during the car buying process. Why should you have to negotiate price during this process?

TruPath’s recruiting fees are a rate based on the position’s first year annual salary. Recruiting rates are not based on total compensation making TruPath’s pricing straight forward. View TruPath’s recruiting fees HERE.


8. Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes. Each placement is accompanied by a guarantee. We are in the business of people after all! Guarantees may differ based on position type. If a TruPath candidate is let go during the guarantee period, TruPath recruiters will replace the candidate at no additional charge.

Also, some positions have an extended guarantee. Partners pay a reduced rate to replace candidates further along in tenure.

9. How long does it take to fill a role?

Time to fill is largely based on the relationship with TruPath and the client. The more transparent the partnership and communication, the better! Additional factors include the role and industry.

TruPath is highly communicative. Recruiters communicate fast, regardless of time or day. Potential candidates are submitted to a client as soon as they have completed TruPath’s process. Overall, a client can expect to see candidates within the first two weeks of a search launching.

TruPath partners with clients on a realistic timeline to fill a role. At times, factors such as relocation, two-week notices, etc play a role in a time to fill. These components don’t exist for every search, so some roles can be filled in a matter of weeks. Others take a few months from start to finish.

10. Do you staff internationally?

Yes. TruPath supports international clients. However, this makes up a smaller portion of our portfolio. Typically, our international staffing includes locations such as Canada, Mexico and the UK. This is where the majority of our international recruiting inquiries come from.

Luckily, technology enables recruiters to find talent all over the world. Furthermore, video capability makes in-person interviews easy from any location.

Learn more about our Director of European Sales placement and the strategy used to find the right candidate.

Do you have any additional recruiting firm questions? We are happy to answer them!