TruPath Places Director of European Sales

March 1, 2019 TruPath

TruPath Places Director of European Sales

TruPath Recruiter, Scott Silva, places international candidate as the Director of European Sales.

A common question TruPath gets is – Do you staff internationally? The answer is YES! While international searches make up a smaller portion of our portfolio, we thoroughly enjoy working on international roles. The beauty of recruiting in today’s environment is that technology supports the craft from anywhere in the world! 

In the past, finding a new job and seeking qualified candidates used to have geographical (physical) boundaries. People walked into a company to apply for a job advertised in the paper. Paper resumes and applications were carried in briefcases and exchanged in-person. And, advertisement was done by word-of-mouth or in the store window. Now, it’s mostly online and virtually all electronic.

Today, TruPath discusses a recent international placement and the strategy used to find the right candidate for a Director of European Sales role. Can you believe that the TruPath Recruiter and qualified candidate live 5,267 miles apart?!

The Client’s Need

TruPath has a biodegradable consumer packaging client who is changing the world by helping customers eliminate plastic. Company expansion plans targeted France, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom as possible locations. During this time, the British Government was discussing enacting a significant tariff on all plastic packaging. So, our client identified an opportunity to enter the UK market with their revolutionary products. Because of this, they required someone with expertise in the UK consumer packaging market. A successful Director of European Sales candidate knows which companies will be most affected by a new tariff like the one being discussed. Through collaboration, it was decided that a candidate based out of London would be ideal.

TruPath’s Strategy

LinkedIn is a strong international search platform for recruiters. Professionals all across the world use LI to engage with professional networks, gain insights about other people & companies, and explore new opportunities. Using LI Recruiter (a LinkedIn add-on), Scott identified a qualified Director of European Sales candidate with extensive experience in packaging and graphics. Scott found success with this search by keeping his criteria broad. This prevents any potential candidates from being excluded from the search. However, this method can also be more time consuming as it requires weeding out individuals who may not be a good fit for the role a recruiter is seeking to fill.

The Result of Partnership

Scott reached out to the candidate less than one month before the holidays. The holidays can be a tricky time of the year to recruit. Some individuals have no interest in thinking about new opportunities until the new year. However, others are very open to engaging with recruiters during this time of year. This particular candidate was excited to speak to Scott about a potential new role. Because our client’s need for this Director of European Sales was immediate, they flew him out to the United States for an in-person interview before Christmas.
The U.S. team was blown away with his interview, presentation, and sales development plan to expand into the UK. Shortly after returning home to London, our candidate received an impressive offer and started work almost immediately as the Director of European Sales for our client working out of London.



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