3 Ways to Adjust a Recruitment Budget for Downturns

May 12, 2020
May 12, 2020 Lauren

3 Ways to Adjust a Recruitment Budget for Downturns

As COVID-19 impacts businesses around the globe, many companies are changing their recruiting processes to adapt.

Some companies have put their hiring efforts on hold while others have had to narrow their search or change their processes according to relevant COVID-19 policies.

Another result that some see in their recruiting efforts is a need to cut back on their recruitment budget. With the highest spike in unemployment that the United States has seen in years, the idea of recruiting may seem too challenging to invest in.

However, this is not the case. Despite the uncertainty that COVID-19 has brought, there are many ways to adapt your recruitment budget to keep your company standing strong.

To help your recruiting efforts, we’ve listed the following ways you can modify your processes while maintaining your budget.

Ways to Adjust a Recruitment Budget for Downturns

Streamline Your Time to Hire

The rate of unemployment in the United States saw a steady rise as COVID-19 became more prominent. This rise in unemployment can present an impact on your recruiting you might not expect.

Simply put, with more unemployed individuals looking for a job, it can take you longer to find and hire the right candidate.

Thus, finding a way to hire faster without sacrificing a candidate’s quality is essential.

One way to speed up your hiring process is by automating certain parts of your candidate assessment process. This can be as simple as an online form a candidate fills out.

You can use this automated process to quickly locate candidates with the right skills you need as well as other factors, such as availability.

Implement Technology Into Your Process

Along with the use of automation, there are many ways technology can help your budget when recruiting during COVID-19.

For example, many companies have adopted various remote recruiting processes, such as virtual interviews.

The interview process is not the only place that technology can benefit your recruiting efforts and your budget.

Thanks to software like Zoom, you can efficiently conduct an interview as well as a new hire’s orientation digitally.

There are other benefits a flexible virtual recruiting process can bring you in the long-term as well. According to a survey, many Generation Z candidates shared they would not apply for a position if they felt a company had outdated recruiting processes.

In the end, virtual recruiting tools can help you save money while still allowing you to contact your candidates quickly.

Partner With a Dedicated Search Firm

Taking on any talent search on your own can be daunting. Thus, partnering with an executive search firm provides an invaluable resource.

Firms like TruPath remain available as a resource for companies in need of talent for their open positions.

With a dedication to the success of its clients, TruPath’s team uses its hands-on approach to create a personalized recruiting solution for you.

In other words, TruPath works closely with you to understand how your company has been impacted. This is to ensure the solution you receive meets both your staffing and budget needs.

Additionally, TruPath’s team can quickly assess candidates for cultural alignment and talent.

All in all, working with a client-oriented firm like TruPath can help you save time and money when recruiting in today’s environment.

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