Best Semiconductor Companies to Work For

May 26, 2021
May 26, 2021 TruPath

Best Semiconductor Companies to Work For

Without semiconductors, technology as we know it would not be the same. The semiconductor industry relies heavily on the phenomenal skills of engineers, designers, developers, and others to create high-quality products that make our world run a little smoother.

What is a Semiconductor?

If you’ve ever used an electronic device, such as a mobile phone, you’ve encountered a semiconductor. Any computerized or electronic system relies on a semiconductor to function. Without it, currents would be unable to move through the device and create an electric circuit.

Semiconductors serve as the connection between a conductor and an insulator and are typically chips or transistors made of silicon. The discovery and engineering of semiconductors have given us access to advanced technology across industries such as manufacturing and healthcare.

Interested in advancing technology through the use of semiconductors with a job you love? Discover the best semiconductor companies to work for below.

Best Semiconductor Companies to Work For

The semiconductor industry has become increasingly competitive. Nonetheless, there are a few companies that have gone above and beyond with their innovative technological advances. Let’s take a look at some of the best semiconductor companies to work for.

Ambiq Micro

Founded in 2013, this Texas-based company focuses on wearable technology, like smartwatches and gaming headsets.

Ambiq Micro engineers low-power batteries meant to use less energy than a traditional battery without negatively impacting the function of the device. The semiconductor company has sold over 100 million devices containing their compact and eco-friendly battery chip, making a revenue of $30 million.

With headquarters worldwide, Ambiq Micro deeply values a diverse team and encourages innovation and creativity amongst dedicated employees.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) boasts a 5-nanometer production capability, making it a leading contender for the best semiconductor company to work for with the most advanced semiconductor technology in the world.

Using its modern technology, TSMC has been able to draw in a revenue of $47.95 billion. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to work alongside motivated professionals who value innovation, integrity, and high-level communication to enhance the technology industry through unique software and applications.


Samsung’s cutting-edge and flexible engineering has created a powerhouse company that thrives on the ability to positively impact thousands of customers around the world every day.

In the past year, Samsung has brought in $200.6 billion in revenue for their advanced designs. Voted #1 Employer in the World by Forbes in 2020, Samsung is easily one of the best semiconductor companies to work for.

The company offers plenty of employee-centric benefits and a world of new and exciting projects you won’t want to miss out on.


With an emphasis on engineering excellence, it’s no surprise that Broadcom is one of the best semiconductor companies to work for. As a leading manufacturer of high-level semiconductors used for networking, software, and industrial markets, Broadcom is leading the way into a future of enhanced telecommunications.

Labeled a Fortune 500 company, the collaborative team has been able to generate $23.89 billion in revenue.


Intel is a commonly known household name when it comes to technology. Specializing in PCs and data center solutions, the company has secured a spot as a top semiconductor company to work for.

With over $73.9 billion in revenue, its products rank among some of the best processors, computers, and digital storage units. Working for Intel means being a part of the exceptional team nominated as Forbes America’s Best Employers for Diversity, a LinkedIn Top Company, and more.

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