Staffing in Minnesota

April 4, 2019 TruPath

Staffing in Minnesota

TruPath, a National Recruiting Firm, is very successful helping companies place top talent in the Midwest. Specifically, several of TruPath’s clients operate in or out of Minnesota. Below, TruPath’s CEO, Ryan Nouis, discusses why TruPath is so successful recruiting in his home state.

TruPath’s CEO was born in Fridley, raised in Coon Rapids, and graduated from St. Cloud State University with his Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Operations. To this day, Ryan still enjoys flying (he has a commercial pilot license) and being around a variety of different aircraft. In fact, his staffing career started in Minnesota with a specialty in aviation.

Why do you think TruPath is so successful placing candidates and providing staffing solutions in Minnesota?

I have so many relationships in the Midwest. I enjoy leveraging these relationships to enhance the customer experience. Because I enjoy partnering with clients in the Midwest, I spend a lot of time developing relationships and business in this region. I have several professional contacts, family, and friends who spread the word about TruPath and our staffing services throughout Minnesota specifically.

In your opinion, why are personal and professional networks valuable for recruiters?

Networks allow recruiters to dig even further into relationship referrals. This is true for both candidates and clients. Job Boards and advertisements only get a recruiter so far. This is why TruPath’s recruiting process is built on a foundation of hunting for the right candidates as opposed to waiting for them to find us. Having connections in a market or region allows our recruiters to find additional passive candidates our online resources haven’t targeted. Many of these candidates don’t even realize they are interested in a new role!

Although you now live most of your year in Arizona, why do you make traveling to see clients in the Midwest a priority?

I love connecting with clients we’ve worked with over the years.  Since I’m not in the Midwest as often as I’d like to be, I make it a priority to spend time with our clients doing business in these states. I thoroughly enjoy re-connecting and deepening relationships in-person. Not to mention, the best way to really get a feel for a company’s culture is by immersing yourself into it.

Specifically, how often do you go back to Minnesota?

My family and I spend as much of our summer as possible in Minnesota. We never miss a trip to Duluth and the North Shore. The beauty of today’s staffing world is that recruiting can literally be done anywhere. While relationships are very important to me and my team, our online resources make us extremely effective in any location. This is one reason we successfully place internationally as well.

Occasionally, Ryan can be found in the office checking out a live feed of Duluth’s Aerial Lift Bridge and Shipping Canal. During a recent visit home, TruPath’s Recruiting Manager (also from MN) waived back at Ryan real-time from this very spot! Click on the Duluth Canal Cam picture to check out the live feed too.
Duluth Canal Cam

As a trusted recruitment source since 2002, the recruiters at TruPath have a customizable process that helps partners (clients) feel comfortable in their search for top talent. Contact Ryan or a TruPath team member today to tell us about your staffing needs.