TruPath Celebrates 17 Years!

January 15, 2019
January 15, 2019 TruPath

TruPath Celebrates 17 Years!

Today marks TruPath’s 17th year in business! After 17 years of redefining what it means to be a staffing partner, TruPath continues to blaze a bold path, breaking down traditional barriers to finding talent.

Let’s hear from the man behind it all! Ryan Nouis, TruPath’s Founder and CEO, looks ahead into 2019 with pride.

“Wow! 17 years is a long time for any business. In all honesty, there have been many ups and downs – the positives far outweighing the negatives. We’ve got an amazing team continuously driving new initiatives. We’re always adapting, never shying away from change. Our entrepreneurial spirt is what keeps us alive! After 17 years, it still feels Iike a startup environment at TruPath, and we love it. I can’t wait for the next 17!”

Transparent Fees

In the last year, TruPath made some significant changes to continue to improve the client experience. Topping that list is the publication of our recruiting fees on the TruPath website.

We gathered the most commonly asked questions from our potential clients and decided to make the “buying” process easier for them. How much? It’s the most commonly asked question that we get from companies looking to find talent. Transparency has always been a foundational component of building any new relationship with a client or candidate. So, we decided to take negotiating rates away from the client experience and offer a pricing model that is fair and consistent. This model allows our potential clients to investigate our services more thoroughly without having to engage in a traditional sales call first.

Website Chat

Additionally, we implemented the online chat feature on the TruPath website. Candidates and clients who have questions have the option to reach out to a TruPath team member via chat without having to pick up the phone or send an email. Continuing to enhance the website allows TruPath to offer a variety of options for individual preferences. We asked ourselves… when we research a product or service, how do we do it? And, how do we prefer to have our questions answered? Depending on what TruPath team member we talk to, the answers vary – phone, chat, email, Q/A, video, etc. Our goal is to offer a variety of communication channels as we understand that individuals prefer to obtain and digest information differently.

Sales Restructure

Furthermore, TruPath chose to reorganize the way business development (sales) traditionally operates. No longer do potential clients speak to a business development representative. They speak to the Owner, General Manager, Community Relations Director, Recruiting Manager or any other TruPath team member that picks up the phone when they call in. At TruPath, it’s about making a connection and building a relationship – becoming an extension of a company’s recruiting team. That begins with any and every member of our team. Clients aren’t simply buying a service, they are investing in a lasting partnership.

What Matters Most

While we continue to innovate our business model and adapt to our client’s needs, our TruPath family is at the core of these decisions. We continuously ask ourselves if we are leveraging our team member’s strengths and allowing our employees thrive? While culture may be an overused term to some, it means a great deal to us internally. We are proud of our TruPath team who allows us to innovate, grow, and thrive!

Below are a few pictures of our TruPath family in 2018. We like to have a little bit of fun. Ok…. We like to have LOTS of fun!

Happy Anniversary Team TruPath!
Team TruPath

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