January 23, 2017 lauren

TruPath Places General Manager

The Issue

One of our long-time clients in Greater Phoenix had a manufacturing facility that lacked proper efficiency. They were scrapping a lot of material and it was hurting profits. This particular facility should have been their most profitable division. So what was going on? It turned out that the General Manager was not equipped with Lean Manufacturing or 5S principles experience. Two key means of operating a clean and efficient warehouse floor.

What We Did

Our client called TruPath to help replace their current GM with someone who could revamp the current process. We looked for individuals specifically with strong experience implementing lean manufacturing and 5S, and were able to identify a couple of highly qualified candidates.

The Result

The client moved forward with a candidate they felt could best turn the situation around. Within a month after being hired, the new General Manager had identified the main cause of scrap and changed several internal processes. He has completely revived the plant and profitability is now at an all-time high.

Josh Rautio, Senior Recruiter



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