July 10, 2018 TruPath

TruPath Places Grant Accountant

Grant Accountant Cover

The Client’s Need:

A Los Angeles non-profit was searching for a Grant Accountant with grant experience from beginning of the application process to final audit. Because organizations are structured in many different ways, numerous accountants have exposure to different parts of the grant process, not the entire process from beginning to end. In addition, accountants often get pulled away from the non-profit sector for higher paying private sector jobs, so this Grant Accountant needed to have a true passion for helping others.

TruPath’s Strategy:

TruPath attracts many non-profit clients. We focus on cultural fit and non-profit clients and candidates are very mission driven. We began our search looking for candidates with non-profit experience, but we soon realized broadening our search to look for other entities receiving federal grants was necessary. In addition to expanding our search, we prescreened a multitude of candidates (part of our recruiting process). Because there are so many steps in the grant accounting process, information is easily left off a resume. Prescreen conversations were critical.

The Result of Partnership:

Dorothy found a candidate with comprehensive grant accounting experience by broadening her search. This candidate previously worked for non-profit organizations, a housing property, and a medical center – all of which interacted with grants in different ways. She demonstrated a passion for helping others and understood how her role with this organization made program funding possible. She was thrilled to join the organization and make such a large impact!


Dorothy Headshot

Dorothy Scavera

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