January 2, 2019 TruPath

TruPath Places Head of Sales

TruPath Recruiter, Scott Silva, places Head of Sales in Orlando, Florida for a hydroponic farming client. 

Hydroponic Farming Cover Photo

TruPath Places Head of Sales in Orlando, Florida

The Client’s Need:

One of TruPath’s hydroponic farming clients needed a Head of Sales to spearhead their market strategy growth initiatives. They required someone with vision and strategy but also the ability to execute.

TruPath’s Strategy:

TruPath Recruiters quickly realized the importance of finding passive candidates with a culinary background. Ideally, individuals who understand the struggle restaurant chefs face when acquiring fresh produce. After determining the right need, our recruiting team narrowed their search parameters to find candidates who:

  1. Have the appropriate culinary backgrounds
  2. Are obsessed with the customer experience
  3. Sell high quality products

The Result of Partnership:

This niche search wasn’t accomplished overnight. Far from it! After six months of sourcing, screening, and interviewing, Scott found a stellar candidate. Scott’s candidate teaches culinary classes at a local college, has experience selling high-end European chocolates and desserts, and owned her own wedding cake business. As is the case with many of our candidates, the timing couldn’t have been better! With each interview, her excitement about the company grew. Our client made her an offer and she happily accepted. 


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