January 23, 2017 lauren

TruPath Places New Head of School

The Issue

At TruPath, we’ve worked with clients from manufacturing to legal with success. But when we were approached by a private pre and elementary school educator to find a new Head of School for their Southern California location, it was a bit of a different beast. The only issue, however, ended up being timing.

We initially connected with our client at the beginning of June and school started in August. We had eight weeks to not only identify but vet candidates through our internal process, submit to the client, coordinate interviews and hopefully get a green light.

What We Did

We initially focused our search on the local area/state. We identified a couple candidates, but after our face to face meeting felt they weren’t right for this role. We decided to expand our search nationwide, but now only had about 4 weeks left to get someone hired and relocated.

The Result

The first week of July we were able to identify a strong candidate from Kansas, almost 1700 miles away. As luck would have it, he had family in Southern California and wanted to relocate. He interviewed in Phoenix the second week of July and was offered the position. Within two weeks he flew back home, gave notice to his current school, and flew to his new position in California.

Josh Rautio, Senior Recruiter



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