October 30, 2018 TruPath

TruPath Recruiter Places Nonprofit Senior Director of Development

TruPath recruiter efficiently places nonprofit Senior Director of Development in Pennsylvania by networking online.

Nonprofit Senior Director of Development

TruPath Places Nonprofit Senior Director of Development

The Client’s Need:

TruPath received a recruiting request from a national nonprofit organization looking to fill a critical role in Pennsylvania. This organization helps children and young adults cope with mental illness offering support and education. The nonprofit’s immediate need was for a Senior Director of Development. Specifically, our client required a professional with a background in health and education. 

TruPath’s Strategy:

TruPath’s Recruiting Manager, Josh Rautio, led the search for the Senior Director of Development. Josh immediately began networking with professionals in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. There are a number of other nonprofits and passive candidates in the area within a commutable distance. The tricky part of this particular search was finding those individuals with the educational and health dual interest, skills and experience. Through online networking, Josh found the perfect candidate.

The Result of Partnership:

Our candidate and our client’s Executive Director previously worked for the same nonprofit! While their tenure did not overlap, their passion for the mission is still very much alive. The Executive Director and the TruPath candidate hit it off on the very first interview – cultural fit was apparent. Within a few weeks, our candidate started her new role and began raising money, making an immediate impact on the organization.

Recruiting Manager

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